bad mood thread


My secret's my enzyme.
I just remember I had the crappiest dream last night. I had a bit of insomnia. I'm not at home, sleeping at a friend's house and the bed is not so comfortable. I finally fell asleep and woke to this, then had to get back to sleep again.

I was watching a cockatiel that I know named Emma. She had only one leg and was standing on top of her cage. I has holding her other leg in my hand and it was still clutching and twitching, as though just severed. A bigger bird, my dad's cockatoo named Baby was about to bite her head and kill her. Emma was looking at me as though asking to help but I was too in shock to know what to do. In the distance I heard a voice scream, a separate male voice. NO LEAVE HER ALONE f***ING LEAVE HER ALONE and then sobbing. :( Then I woke up and my head hurt.


All day today, every time I talk, somebody else talks, or there is any somewhat loud noise I have been hearing this vibrating whooshing sound in my right ear. It is really annoying me.:mad:
15 characters? attention seeking ep constantly groan gay leta smile b yr umbrella piss and moan prozac may be the answer prozac's no match seroxat then? tried that too - nope wah wah wah we all bitches
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