bad mood thread

I was in a bad mood anyway, and those emoticons are making it worse. Grrrrrrrr.
There are two songs I like by Limp Bizkit...

One is apropro when you are in a bad mood...

"Break Stuff"
MY bad lasts from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am to 5.15 pm.
oh how sick am i of bloody car dealers, (*cough* vw *cough*)
why is it that a nearly 20 year old car, is suddenly having parts deleted, and only 'consumables' are available,(although i have issues with which bit if a fuel pump isnt a consumable) GRRR i am so pissed off with them, as it probably mean i will have to sell my 'babies' and be pushed into a more modern car just so i could get parts should i need them, it is bloody unfair and i for one cannot and do not want to afford it.

Ps, i was 'sent' here by Kewpie ;)
Dear unnamed family member,

I know having your pets put to sleep is horrible and upsetting, but if there's one thing your pet needs at that moment, it's for you to hold them and reassure them. So it looks like me, the other person your cat is familiar and comfortable with, getting the shitty end again. Well I won't let your poor little cat down even if you did. Coward! :mad:

EDIT: Um, yeah. Thanks for the link, Kewpie.
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But Dave, it will be Halloween soon!


I know you probably are not going to get dressed up, but if you did, please tell me what you would be??
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hahaha! that was me today!
15 characters? attention seeking ep constantly groan gay leta smile b yr umbrella piss and moan prozac may be the answer prozac's no match seroxat then? tried that too - nope wah wah wah we all bitches
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