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"Morrissey's Back on the Chain Gang. Available here on 7".
As the lead singer of the Smiths, arguably the most important indie band in Britain during the '80s, Morrissey's theatrical crooning and literate, poetic lyrics -- filled with romantic angst, social alienation, and cutting wit -- connected powerfully with a legion of similarly sensitive, disaffected youth. These fans turned the Smiths into stars in Britain, exerting tremendous pull over much of the country's guitar-based music for many years after their breakup, and even if the group remained underground cult artists in the States, they had a fan base that slowly, steadily grew larger over the years."

$10.99 via Rough Trade (US).



Site blurb:

"Morrissey presents a 7-inch single release of his cover of "Back On The Chain Gang," originally written by Chrissie Hynde and released by The Pretenders in 1982. It was recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, CA with Joe Chiccarelli, who produced Moz's last two albums World Peace Is None of Your Business and Low in High School, and features backing by Jesse Tobias (guitars), Solomon Walker (bass), Matthew Walker (drums) and Roger Manning (keyboards). It's joined here by a live version of "I Didn't Know What to Do" on the B-side."

$9.99 via Music Direct (US).



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One of my favourite ever Ted clips, along with 'Small... far away'.
Is this true? I thought the traditional line-up were lined up as usual on the upcoming covers album?

There are so many great Ted moments.

I read here (so it must be true) that rather than poor ticket sales the issue was that there was a difference of opinion and a couple of them just walked off the tour. I don’t know if it’s true, but it doesn’t sound too far fetched.

I do know that the last time I looked just before the cancellation my local venue had sixteen tickets available of three thousand. Of course the other two thousand nine hundred and eight-four could all have been on Viagogo, but sold is sold.

I expect we will find out shortly when the next tour kicks off. I suppose we could take it in turns to stake out that record shop in Camden to see if Boz is there instead of rehearsing.

Can you do the first month, Peppermint? I’m busy... errrr... thinking of excuses not to go.
Why so nasty...?
Oh, come now. As criticisms go, it's a lot more restrained than that artwork deserves. There is an art to laying out typography, which is what you pay graphic designers for (or most people do). There is no getting away from it, that looks like it was cobbled together in Microsoft Word. It's particularly depressing because Morrissey's sleeves, going right back to the Smiths, were traditionally little works of art in their own right. Everything Sam has touched (and I have no idea if he's done that sleeve, but it does look suspiciously like it), from the toe-curling KMAL video to various photoshopped promo efforts, have simply not come close. He lacks the talent and originality of his uncle. This is disappointing. Am I not allowed to say when something is disappointing?
$9.99 lol.
Blikey mate! I knew that was Boz at Tommy's chomping on a bacon double cheeseburger, extra extra large chili cheese fries, and an extra large root beer when Uncle Steve was down at Sunset Sound!
Released only on vinyl...great!! Can't wait for the flacs at morrissey-solo Mozz!
We have really reached the end of the line, haven’t we?

What’s next? A duet with Paul Potts?
I'm so glad Morrissey is covering Chrissie Hynde. These are two musical artists who were there from the start of the UK punk scene, and both of them love animals. And both have been releasing records for decades. SING YOUR LIFE
I know, and there doesn't seem to be a complete live version out there - I can only find two and they're both (weirdly) stuffed in the middle of Speedway, and incomplete.
I noticed that pep,the versions hes done have been short.
back on the chain gang single
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