"Back On The Chain Gang" single - UK release date announcement imminent

New Morrissey single release is imminent.

Confirmed via Morrissey Central. Song entitled: Back on the Chain Gang


Forthcoming UK single - Morrissey Central
August 25, 2018


Release date announcement imminent.

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Speculation, I stress, speculation, but Mando had dropped a couple of IG pictures that indicate video filming:

View attachment 45808

View attachment 45810

Assuming he doesn't mean The Chavez Ravine (his other band), this could POSSIBLY be filming for Chain Gang?
Rocky Butes Movie Ranch is very old West, scenic and desert - an interesting setting reminiscent of November Spawned:

Again, speculation folks, but very feasible.

Thanks and I'm sure we'll have official word 'imminently'.
Adding absolutely nothing concrete to this speculation, Boz is still in the UK, isn't he? And Mando won't have been on the "Chain Gang" record - although he did appear in "Kiss Me A Lot" when it was Solomon who played bass on the record.
Yes, indeed.
Boz played Bedlam yesterday and is now in Portugal - I'm sure tongues will wag if he's absent from a video. As for Mando (a California resident for those thinking only Jesse lives there), it could be his other band, but if not: it lends weight to the idea that the change in band members to record the single was as a result of logistics post-tour and not due to a 'shake up'. The whole band were on board prior to cancellations - there's still no reason to think otherwise - hence, he's in the video.
I do prefer my information for sharing here to be more tangible, but it's on a public profile so I thought I'd present my guess work before it is spun in to all the usual nonsense.

Another tour date added, so some activity going on... just need a record to promote now :)
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A month has passed since this announcement of a forthcoming announcement. Oh the excitement.

The announcement of an announcement about a new cover single of a song which there are already two very good live recordings readily available to anyone with a computer.

Yes. The excitement! :D
back on the chain gang single
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