"Back On The Chain Gang" single - UK release date announcement imminent

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By Anonymous on Aug 25, 2018 at 4:04 PM
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    1. E Scott
      E Scott
      Yes there may be an unusual lack of concern over others comfort level or else maybe he's unable to pick up on it. We are all wired differently. Humour and teasing usually gives him space to come off his high horse.
    2. Peppermint
      Yes, I think that's why the Jonathan Ross one was so good. It was a masterclass in how to handle a 'difficult' interviewee.
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    3. Lustman
      I like the cover with the text on the face, original !
      It's change of the same common school design
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    4. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Chrissie was asked so she spoke.

      I’m guessing the others haven’t spoken out because they know the man and they don’t feel the need to defend him in the face of false accusations made by total strangers.
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    5. vegan cro spirit 99
      vegan cro spirit 99

      ANOTHER NUMERO 1 VINYL SINGLE BY MOZ!!!:thumb::rock:
    6. Mayfly
      I hope so too. It was a sobering experience to hear some of the production gloss over the LIHS songs that we heard live first (In particular My Love, All the Young People). So new covers please.
    7. marred
      Love it!
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    8. bhops
      That's my take on it as well.
    9. mcrickson
      Tsunami of projects?
    10. E Scott
      E Scott
      I was thinking this years European tour (yes it was cancelled in end) Upcoming Latin America tour and cover album and This is Morrissey album release.
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    11. Anonymous
      it’s not a covers album.
    12. Imbrie
      Is the release date still 'imminent'?
    13. Imbrie
      What on Earth is it then?
    14. mcrickson
      It's an album of songs he didn't write, but he's gonna say he did.
    15. Anonymous
      As a girl I liked and admired her, then I went right off her, now I like her again. Keep moving I say.
    16. Imbrie
      Must re-evaluate my understanding of imminent.
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    17. Sheila Smith
      Sheila Smith
      3rd of September already! So it wasn't so imminent!!!

    18. Eustace Walks
      Eustace Walks
      Is this even really happening ahaha
    19. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Speculation, I stress, speculation, but Mando has posted a couple of IG pictures that indicate video filming:



      Assuming he doesn't mean The Chavez Ravine (his other band), this could POSSIBLY be filming for Chain Gang?
      Rocky Butes Movie Ranch is very old West, scenic and desert - an interesting setting reminiscent of November Spawned... and in keeping with a chain gang idea:

      Again, speculation folks, but very feasible.
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    20. mcrickson
      Adding absolutely nothing concrete to this speculation, Boz is still in the UK, isn't he? And Mando won't have been on the "Chain Gang" record - although he did appear in "Kiss Me A Lot" when it was Solomon who played bass on the record.

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