"Back On The Chain Gang" official video via Rolling Stone interview

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By Famous when dead on Nov 1, 2018 at 3:06 PM
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    Morrissey Covers the Pretenders’ ‘Back on the Chain Gang,’ Talks ‘Pop Classic’ - Rolling Stone
    “It’s a pop classic,” singer says. “Of the brain as well as the loins”
    By Kory Grow


    "When Morrissey decided to cover the Pretenders’ “Back on the Chain Gang” for an upcoming double-vinyl reissue of his Low in High School album, he wanted to play it loose with the lyrics. “I didn’t ever see the lyrics correctly printed because I wanted to sing them as I had always thought they were,” he tells Rolling Stone via e-mail. “This is tricky with [Pretenders singer] Chrissie [Hynde] because sometimes she’ll sing into a misty wobble. So, I decided to wobble also.”

    Other than a few switched-up words, though, it’s mostly a reverent cover. He croons Hynde’s lyrics, wobbling his voice, along with a jangly guitar line that sounds like a mix of his solo music and the Pretenders. He recorded it this past April at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles. The song will also be available as a 45 with cover art, out November 23rd, which features Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “I Didn’t Know What to Do” on the flip side. Morrissey proudly points out the single sleeve features writer and feminist Germaine Greer, with the expanded LP out December 7th."


    Studio & video versions are different to the live arrangements.
    Moz on guitar!
    Rolling Stone got the scoop, then linked to by 'Official' with the pre-order advert for the deluxe:



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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Nov 1, 2018.

    1. Surface
    2. falconneil
      Article says he's "strumming a Rickenbacker" but no way is that a Ricky. Looks like a custom Gibson Firebird to me.
    3. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      I wonder if Morrissey playing guitar is a jokey reference to/inversion of Johnny singing.
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    4. Anonymous
      Cool fucking video!

      Thanks FWD

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    5. Alexi
      Good to see the lessons weren't wasted ... Picture3.png
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    6. Peppermint
      Yes, it would be even better if he was playing a Johnny Marr Fender Jaguar...
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    7. ordinaryboy86
      Sounds great. Love it!
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    8. Peppermint
      Really nice vocal, it lifts the fairly workmanlike arrangement. I also like the visual joke with the guitar. And he looks like he's enjoying himself, which is always good to see. Could have done without the dancing bimbos though.

      Wonder if he'll be doing his guitar-miming schtick on James Corden? That would be funny.
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    9. Halloway
      I'm surprised to say that that's rather good. The stripped back guitar sound harks back to the early/mid 90s material and he makes a decent fist of the vocal. I'll give it foive.
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    10. PassportToPimlico
      One of the highlights of the live shows at start of the year , good video too.

      The short covering note in the Rolling Stone article reads like a classic Morrissey interview , ....less political bullshit and more lines like this please Moz.

      “Chrissie is the funniest person in the world, yet she has absolutely no sense of humor. We have been in many absurd situations – all her fault, of course. I know she’d marry me tomorrow, but she’s already had 11 husbands and she’s always being spotted digging in the garden at midnight.”
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    11. mcrickson
      Morrissey on guitar reminds me of

      I enjoyed the video. Will have to listen to the track on better speakers.
    12. King Leer
      King Leer
      Like it! Sweet vocal and Moz looks relaxed in the vid.
      Jesse's guitar is pretty faithful, no?
      Dancing girls is obviously a Sam request. Yet another "retro TV performance" concept (Moz obviously watched thousands as a wee lad).
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    13. SweetnTenderYorkshireman
      Lovely. At times like this, when I feel not so great, seeing Moz being daft makes my day and I'm relieved the song sounds great.
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    14. scumbag
      From the interview it looks like M is feeling more playful and that he’s having fun. Thanks for the rapid relay, FWD.
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    15. Peppermint
      Exactly. More of this please.
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    16. bedlam breakout
      bedlam breakout
      its pleasant enough- doesn't have the uh ahh in the lyrics like the original does, hard to beat botcg original - its more of a homage to the song
    17. 21punksalute
      Gorgeous and perfect. He has risen!!
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    18. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Having listened to the MP3 more closely, it has a nice sound.
      I'm not sure what Liam Lynch brought to the table really, but the video is better than the previous one!
      As for Boz & Gustavo not being there (and Mando missing from recording), I still believe it was due to going home post-tour and a case of the right people near the studio at the time so not exactly anything to worry about (as well evidenced by them all being on board for the cancelled gigs and obviously, last night's appearance).

      Forgot to add: the lack of Solomon Walker & Roger Manning in the video is a respectful nod to the missing band members perhaps?
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    19. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Hehe. You must nearly be as ancient as me.
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