Babyshambles doing 'She Loves You'

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
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from the Ice Age to the dole age
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It's all good
Great song. But Pete, Pete, Pete...what the hell has happened... the man is a mess.

What a disgrace. What a mess. You could get 100 folk from the King's Arms (or whatever) and they would do it better than that. What a travesty. Please, Pete, get some help.



lovable loser
And this is the guy who has half a frink thread dedicated to him?!?

And posting this the day after the anniversary of Lennon's murder is, well, disgraceful to the man's memory.

Thankfully the other (frinkier) half is dedicated to Carl. :)

I totally agree with your second comment.
It's really a shame that Pete's such a trainwreck. And what is on his neck?


Forever Ill
i've have to capability to see at anyones face if their using, I'm not
sure about Pete , haven't seen his face so healthty looking the last
2 years

hope he's fine as in this clip on 17 januari in my town
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