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22 December 2013

Autobiography by Morrissey is set for publication in 14 countries, translated into the main language of each country. This will be in addition to English-language editions already available in each territory.
The new translations are:
Serbia (Serbian)
Brazil (Portuguese)
Finland (Finnish)
Norway (Norwegian-Sami)
Russia (Russian)
Japan (Japanese)
Italy (Italian)
Denmark (Danish)
France (French)
Germany (German)
Portugal (Portuguese)
Poland (Polish)
Greece (Greek)
Sweden (Swedish)

Morrissey is said to be "at times ecstatic, at times overjoyed; at all other times ecstatically overjoyed" at global interest in the book.



As previously noted by Tingle in this 2003 thread, Morrissey was named after the actor Steve Cochran.
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Forever Ill
great pic though by boy racer Cochran is a mistake, many other would've fit

but it's not about the streetname golden stars lane, Morrissey looks relaxed

'and they say he's mentall' .... Russian Ruffian....

ps my comment about Cochran was mistaken by that hollywood hills racer in movies,
and as James Dean he crashed a few weeks ago with a friend , he didn't survive.
I shoul've known cause I think that actor hasn't a star on that Hollywood star lane, he was
about 40, sad, but movie driver hero is different than the real world, and I remember he was on the passenger seat, tragic.

my apologies about Steve Cochran
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No Spanish version? You would have thought that would be the biggest market after English.
The Steve Cochran's star can be found at 1750 Vine St Hollywood, CA. Right by the Capitol Records building.

The Walk of Fame website incorrectly has it at 1750 Hollywood Blvd.


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The lack of a Spanish translation has been bugging me for days, it makes no sense. :squiffy: Maybe something special is planned for la edición en Español.


Agreed on taking a break, I rather see him
In 4 years in good spirits than to see him
With a "just paying the bills " attitude .
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