Autobiography review by Ian McGillis - Montreal Gazette

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a very well written review of Autobiography:

Ian McGillis: Autobiography by Morrissey - Montreal Gazette


In the end, Autobiography’s strengths — its vivid coming-of-age evocation, its unbridled love of language, its final sense of hard-won contentment — far outweigh its weaknesses, and Morrissey emerges from its pages as much a literary figure as a musical one. In this regard, the book’s only true peer is Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume One, its only other foreseeable future companion the memoir that Nick Cave will hopefully one day decide to write. Fans can leap in with full confidence, as indeed they have already been doing in droves; the curious, and anyone looking for an original and absorbing voice, can do the same.
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I love how these middle-brow critics always damn with faint praise - "right up there with Bob Dylan and Nick Cave". Wow.

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