"Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

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    1. Anonymous
      As well as any intention of admitting he sang meat is murder for three decades whilst eating cheese and serving cheesy paninis at his so called meat free gigs !
      Keep calm and carry on laughing at Silly Steven the cheeseman crankfraud ! ( Piss yourself a lot, piss yourself a lot and then piss yourself all over again)
      Unbelievable !
      He needs to get his shit together quick and knock out a full cheese explanation statement via his shitty zine. One that he comes out and takes full responsibility for his cheese actions without trying to pin the blame or set smoke screens on Glastonbury farmers.
      Come out a lot Steven

    2. Tynamuna
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      Well jesse can't say that Tina is his girlfriend, remember when they used to say Jake was a friend
    3. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      Tina is just a friend and Jesse isn't exactly an honest human being.
    4. Anonymous
      This discussion is so dull. I have just one thing to say. Watch the two videos below (random choice of songs) and tell me if the question of Moz's sexuality plays any part in how you are affected or moved by the songs and the performance.

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    5. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      Good God, Jesse didn't say anything on the matter. Don't believe any fucking anon who posts crap ... I suppose that was a bit hypocritical right now but so what ... :D
    6. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      She is his friend now, but she used to be a bit more than a friend.
    7. Anonymous
      a lot of women like to have gay guys as girlfriends. others, are gay, and they use each other as beards.
    8. Carly
      The reason could simply be he is just being awkward.
    9. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      How little you know silly child. How exactly do you know that she is "just" a friend?
    10. Anonymous
      Jaysus, you are a tedious cunt.
    11. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      How exactly do you KNOW that she is more than a friend? We can play this game for days, weeks, months ... years. It isn't exactly enjoyable and, more importantly, it's nobody's business and doesn't matter in the great scheme of things. I think people who constantly stick their nose in other people's lifes or throw their weight around by pretending to be always "in the know" about things are the worst, whether on the internet or in reality.
    12. Anonymous
      For years he's marketed himself as a Tortured Being, more intelligent and sensitive than most. Of course he has nothing to gain from admitting he's just your (very) average gay man.

      Yet that's all his persona was: a gimmick to sell records. And that's all the songs were: a gimmick to sell himself. Linder did warn us...-But she seemed pretty befuddled and badly glued together so I didn't listen. To think, she was just trying to help. :(

      He's more than earned the right to relax and live his life as a full-blown homo now. It can't have been easy, maintaining that facade all that time, keeping real life and singing career in separate compartments. And if you knew the lengths he went to, just to keep confusing people, you'd laugh at the silliness of it all. Actually there's a name for it: madness.

      Morrissey the mad gay penguin. To some people, it would still sound fascinating and appealing. lol.

      To a few others, he's a joke and a fraud, nothing more. And looking at him to see what he's going to invent next ("TITS!") is no different than keeping an eye on a nutter in a bus.

      And yes, Linda Mulvey, if you're out there, I'm sorry for doubting you meant well. I thought you two were in cahoots. I can see now a small but sufficient percentage of you wasn't. :)

      It would have been great if you had warned us he had a terrible fear of intelligence, too...I thought he was just joking, or talking about people...But he wasn't.

      He's got a deep-rooted fear of intelligent people who might deconstruct everything if they came too close, hasn't he...

      ...In other words...The longer a man stays with Morrissey, the lower his IQ/EQ must be. ;)

      Next time you go out with your boyfriend, Morrissey, I dare you to wear a "I'm with Stoopid" t. shirt.
      You haven't got the balls.

      Neither has he.

      Oh allright, enough of this, it's not funny, who's got them?

      Solomon? well it's not helping, is it? :(
    13. Anonymous
      What the fuck are you talking about? It's times like this when I curse the invention of the internet ...
    14. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      Mmmh ... so let me guess ... you KNOW that because they were standing or sitting next to each other ... and that more than once ... :eek: Jesus, were there lots of other people around standing or sitting? Must have been an orgy! (This site trains you in sarcasm)
    15. Tynamuna
      How tha hell did Linder try to warn us. IF anything she added fuel to the Morrissey straight vs gay saga. Saying things like when i die all the pictures and stories of Morrissey and me will come out
    16. Anonymous
      I think the whattheduncest moment for me was when I read in an interview round 2004 he was "after somebody's affection" when he was actually probably then cavorting with Californian bodybuilders.

      I'm still laughing.

      And then, Airport Guy. It doesn't get any better than this. Beats any regular FG episode. :D
    17. Anonymous
      "- Can we meet? Please say yes."

      - Mmm 'k.

      - Can I bring my boyfriend? Please say yes.

      - Well, I've seen Jake almost naked, I know he likes girls enough to have babies with them, so sure, bring him over, we'll drug him and have a threesome."

      And then Jake ran away, and he's still running. :D
      -No my mistake, that's Johnny Marr.

      A threesome with Johnny, NOW the mind boggles.
      A threesome with Gelato, now the mind freezes.
      A threesome with Damon, now the mind...pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...Nah, can't.

      It's going downhill fast. Accelerate!
    18. Anonymous
      L O L !
      Not as tedious as three decades though eh ?
      THREE DECADES of " the meat in your mouth as you savour the flavour of murder !" Next line should be " Oh but don't mention cheese, no no don't mention cheese"


    19. Anonymous

      Don't bring Damon into this he's an angel.
    20. Anonymous
      I dunno. Mebbee, ask Boz Boorer what this song is about? :(


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