"Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

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    1. Anonymous
      correct, all his songs are gay in lyrical theme, but that probably proves nothing on this site.
      just because he was living with gelato doesnt mean he couldnt flirt with other dudes, inviting them over for vodka and try to indoctrinate them into vegetarianism.

      chances of CG hitting that, zero.
    2. Anonymous
      I don't understand some people here's insistence he's straight. It's incredible.
    3. Anonymous
      It is so sad how many people here are in such denial. My god, decades and decades of lyrics and you still don't see it? Do you even read the words? Someone said that it would destroy his female fan base. I'd say he would destroy his macho latino base. How could young straight latino men fall for a homosexual. It's utterly impossible! ;-) I know all my girl-friends don't give a damn that he's gay. Can't say the same about my straight hommies in Elay. Maybe it's like that in England too.
    4. Anonymous
      when hes hugging and touching the dudes his face has that gay glow. in the photo that is purported to show tina hes ignoring her and concentrating on the dude.
    5. Anonymous
      Personally? At least a third of the fortune of the STD-ridden internationally promiscuous gtroll will do nicely, when he dies. Before would be lovely, but he has no intention of being alive and nice.

      He already knows, I've already asked. ;)

      Well it's always a choice between sex, guilt, and money. It'd be idiotic to choose guilt, which can unexpectedly visit you in moments of weakness or orgy (oh, totally). Money can buy you a lot of peace of mind.
      Anyhoo, I'm sure he's chosen wisely, he's not a total cretin.

      Who was it who said "it all has to be paid for", again? Oh well you'll remember next time you shit blood I'm sure...( - I'm sorry you had to read that, how could I know you were taking a 10-minute break from whoring??? Where's the TTY notice?- )"And incomplete, imperfect, as I am, yet from me you may have still much to gain." Amen to that, dude...

      So anyway, you have a thing for men's noses, huh?
      You're actually a very simple man, aren't you? Very VERY basic. A nose, a penis, and you're pleased as Punch.

      Next to yours, I bet Cliff Richard's sexuality looks like a Swish cuckoo clock.

      Now run along like Heidi or Rocco Siffredi before I start talking about your sister and how I think I figured out why yer nephew is a sex maniac; it's interesting but I don't think you're gonna like it.

      (Oh and my respects to Helen Conford.)(See? I too can do that. :))

      -Also I had a piece about Viv whom I know f.a about. Pure entertaining conjecture. You wouldn't like it either though. Maybe someday... -
    6. Anonymous
      Honestly, I think you are sad. You completely miss the point. Almost nobody (me included) questions the fact that he is gay (or attracted to males if we respect the fact that Moz doesn't want to be labeled) but rather the form of relationship he has/had or hasn't/hadn't with particular people. Because you can say what you like, there simply is no PROVE just actions and situations which are mistaken as prove but aren't.
    7. Anonymous
      maybe he just doesnt want to focus or give effort to something he doesnt find that important
    8. Surface
      What I don't understand is why anyone cares whether he is straight or gay, it's his life and he can be whatever he wants to be.
    9. Anonymous
      Sadly human beings are like that. They rarely allow themselves second thoughts about something. They see two people together and out of nothing assume things about sexuality, love, affection and relationships ... but all these things are so complex for most people. So that really annoys me. People very quickly see themselves in the position to make statements about someone they don't know. Wait, it won't be long and they will tell us if it was just about sex or real love. They will tell us how many times a day they had sex, that Moz got bored and ended it or that he didn't want to settle down out of fear. They will tell us how long the "relationship" lasted and they obviously know every single feeling of them. And at the end of the day save a lot of precious time because we don't have to ask Moz and Gelato themselves. *
    10. CrystalGeezer
      A girl can dream...:p

      No but srsly I think he may be so repulsed by the idea he's avoiding singing in LA like the plague.
    11. Anonymous

      Because a big part of his female fanbase have/ project their sexual fantasies onto Morrissey. He is considered a sex symbol and he is quite aware of that. Same thing happened with George Michael and a lot of other male musicians. Lance Bass from ´N sync (i know, i know) said it was almost impossible to come out during ´N sync days because he knew his female fanbase would stop loving/ supporting him.

      Btw, i'm a female fan too, but i methinks he is gay af. Lmao, even before i was a fan i thought Moz was gay but i thought that he was open about it and at one point i used to think that he was in love with Marr, but i was wrong about that stuff lol
    12. Anonymous
      why wonder if moz is gay? good question. here is a theory as to why people are interested: because all his songs are basically gay, topics include blow jobs. he also claims to be not homosexual while pasting his album covers with gay porn stars and homoerotic imagery only.
    13. Anonymous
      Well ... before I nod off :sleeping: How about a Moz sighting? It's about time!
    14. Anonymous
      Given the recent situation with Kristeen, I wouldn't be surprised if he deletes all mention of her.
    15. Anonymous
      i think everyone at some point in the interest love for morrissey or the smiths thought exactly the same
    16. Carly
      Through out his whole career he has never had any intention of admitting he was gay, i don't believe a female fanbase is the reason he won't admit it.
    17. Anonymous
      lets be honest, a typical moz audience is 90 percent dudes, and of the remaining 10 percent, five percent are beards.
    18. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      Jesse said it was!!!!
    19. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      Yes, he came on this forum and said that.

      Tina is Morrissey's friend, so yes they may hang out when he's in town.
    20. Anonymous
      um i think is one of the reasons, but yeah methinks there plenty of other reasons too

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