"Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

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    1. Anonymous
      I love the way some people desperately cling to the idea of Tina, despite the fact she takes up less than a page in an autobiography otherwise bursting at the seams with homoeroticism and love for gender-bending musicians and films. She's either a total beard, or if Morrissey really is a 'humasexual' it's perfectly clear what gender 95% of his attraction is aimed towards. But people like CrystalGeezer have to keep trying to desperately keep their hopes alive, somehow, I guess. It's all a bit sad.

      But yes - equally it's none of our business. But then Morrissey opens the door of his closet a crack, shows us a glimpse, then dashes back inside and tries to close the door - so this game is all partly of his construction. If he'd been honest about things from the start, no one anywhere would care at all.
    2. realitybites
      reissue...repackage... refuse...resist
    3. Anonymous
      yeah. I remember reading about it on some trashy website around the time his autobiography got published. According to this person, he also used to hit on some other guys. Lmao oh Moz http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/82505989.html?thread=14548027141#t14548027141 and also: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/82505989.html?thread=14548024581#t14548024581

      btw i think the humasexual thing is bs. I believe he is gay, but he said it to appear more mysterious and also because he knows he has a big female fandom who would be destryed if they knew moz is 100% gay :(
    4. Anonymous
      Yes, there is no doubt that he is Gelato but in the same blog someone says that his facebook says he is into women. Also, how many people did Moz know in Rome to go shopping with? And to make my standpoint clear, I think he is gay but I simply want to point out that there is no PROVE. Simple as that.
    5. Anonymouswithapologies
      i suggest you to start writing your 'autobiography'. after publishing, you deserve to be put to 2nd stage of speculations and investigation. :rofl:

      advice adds: give some statement about your ..............sexuality.

      this is not bad, you must admit. :)

      p.s. apologies to you.:) i am on this thread 'cause others are 'empty' tonight.
      experts in morrissey's sexuality and 'well-informed' anons are hilarious and sad at the same time.
    6. Anonymous

      There's many stories of him hitting on men in LA but the people here are in denial.
    7. Tynamuna
      Gay or not.... I just want to point out too the several anonymous commentors here
      That adding words like "was seen", its a well know fact" i saw them" someone who knows Morrissey personally told me" does not confirm or add any legitimacy
    8. Tynamuna
      Look IT works on anything
      Example: its a well known fact that the yeti was seen eating dinner with Obama. Insiders who worked with Obama had seen the yeti visiting the white house several Times. So keep living in denial about the yeti and Obamas relationship"
    9. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      if you think hes not totally gay all you have to do is watch him walk or talk. only gay guys have gay porn stars on the cover of their albums for gods sake.
      some so called straight gays go gay for convenience of money, or fame. how many guys here wouldnt go gay for moz.
      look at the blue rose society. giving roses to other men and 'claiming' to be straight, thinking their readership are simpletons.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Oh my god!!! Y'all are thick. That wasn't Mandos wife he was with!!! it was Tina. Why would he be hangin' with Mandos wife when Mando wasn't with him??? Check out his wife's Instagram. They were in SF when Moz was spotted in LA with a woman. Get you're facts right idiot.
    10. Anonymous
      in rome as well, with women complaining of his raiding of men at parties. there is the only forum where no evidence is better than reams of it.
    11. Anonymous
      Okey tell me an LA story with out resorting to vague "sources" that remain unkown or using phrases as well known
    12. Anonymouswithapologies

      publisher degraded him! :( WHY?

      why he is not worth to be in company of the greatest?
    13. Anonymous
    14. AztecCamera
      What makes anyone think just because he takes some pics with guys that he butt-fucked them? He's always liked hetero male comradeship because he never had it as a youngster alone in his bedroom writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg.

      The 1st pic can be a volleyball tournament on Huntington beach, and the second can be at a Dodger game. I'm sure Nancy could get him good tickets.
    15. Anonymous
      It seems that the anons can't decide what was happenig in Rome. Was he in a relationship with Gabriele or did he hit on random men on parties? Or was he in a relationship with Gabriele AND hit on random men? Together with Gabriele? Well ... Also, I can understand it that someone who didn't just have a random flirt or one-night-stand with Moz doesn't talk about it. But if we actually believe that there were tons and tons of men, why don't they talk? All that we get is people saying that Moz hit on men but never a man who says "he hit on ME". A couple of years ago a friend of mine visited L.A. and was constantly told by people that Moz was around partying and have some fun with men but in the end my friend realized that Moz wasn't even in town at the time. So, naturally, I don't believe stories.
    16. Anonymous
      Destroyed? But why? It really doesn't matter if he's gay or not, actually I'd prefer that he's gay. I'm female.
    17. CrystalGeezer
      I'd like some dick in my puss. End of story.
    18. Anonymous
      Why? Isn't Gabriele a human being? I thought so as I saw the photos. Maybe we have different ideas about how a human being looks like.
    19. jdbabz
      Maybe... now this is a shocker grip the sides of your chair he was in an open relationship with Gelato.

      Besides that why are some of you still shocked. We have autobiography and we have very suggestive lyrics what more do you want.
    20. Anonymous
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      It was not Tina.

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