"Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

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    1. Anonymous
    2. Tynamuna
      Nancy and moz, oh i don't really see Morrissey as the "personality is the key" type Nancy is talanted but.......
    3. Anonymous
      Mmmh ... "They were very open" means what exactly? Were they holding hands? Did they kiss each other? I don't say it isn't true but the statement "They were very open" as such, is quite meaningless, really. Also (if Moz tells the truth, of course), why did he go out with Jesse Tobias during sleepless nights in Rome and not with his "boyfriend"?
    4. Anonymous
      Again, he wrote about the relationship in the book but since it's not a heterosexual relationship it doesn't exist. He can't take walks with a friend who may also like to stay up late?

      Funny how when Morrissey and Damon were out with Mando, everyone here assumed the woman with them was Morrissey's partner, when in reality it was Mando's wife.

      A photo of Morrissey having sex with Damon could be released and the people here would still say "Oh well that doesn't prove anything"
    5. Anonymous
      LOL, yes.
      hugging and grabbing the boyfriends while the 'girlfriend' sits four tables away.
    6. Anonymous
      they were seen 'shopping' together constantly.
      they were a couple of several years, its well known.
    7. CrystalGeezer
      For the sake of argument I'm going to put out there that I've not had sex/fondled/exchanged any fluid with either of these men yet we have a long history and are....wait for it....pictured with our arms around one another. :straightface:

      You people are worse than The Enquirer. And fuck, maybe they were lovers or ARE lovers, it's none of our fucking business.

    8. Anonymous

      My god he wrote about it in the book!

      If it was a woman you would be the first one in here saying they were having sex.
    9. Anonymous
      they are not really hugging, they are pawing and holding each other.
    10. Anonymous
      I see a sign ! Bare with ! Something to do with !
      Something to do with ! ! !
      Got it ! Stonehenge! Right above your head.

    11. Tynamuna
      Well he wrote about a gelato in the book but thats no prof that the Guy in the pics is gelato. PS the relationstips with gelato could have been just a friendship, its not as detailed or sexual as the Jake and Tina parts
      He just Said he meet a man named gelato that made an strong impression on him. Hell when i read that part i saw IT as a friendship and not as a relationstips like Jakes or Tinas
      I'm dead sure that jake and Tina were romantic partners of moz, gelato not so much
    12. Anonymous
      blue rose society confirmed it was gelato, they had some of their operatives do an investigation.
      they also were able to confirm that the man in the photos is indeed the mysterious gelato.
      they were a couple and sat next to each other rather than facing each other when dining.

      the tina thing is pure fiction.
    13. Tynamuna
      Anyways morrisseys gay statics are 3-2

      Jake(yes oh god yes)
      Damon(squeky squeky you demon)

      Tina(huma positiv)
      Anne mcveigh(maybe next time mozzer)
      Annalisa(well never se ya!)

      Honorable mentions (cue Oscar music)
      Ladies in the KMAL vid (payed by the hour)
      James maker( Quick to devour)
      Johnny marr( always sour)
      Joyce and rourke(those dorks?!)
      Linder sterling(well ask her about Steven and she will get even)
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    14. Anonymous

      You have mental problems.
    15. CrystalGeezer
      SOLSTICE in Green is "Look. It's the sun."

      CE= See?

      Do you see? It's the sun. The man under the Solstice sign is the sun. The man in plaid is the moon. I am the one with antlers complments of the tree limbs sprouting out of my head. That make me a deer in the Book of Lambspring Tradition, this is because my "great work" is heliotropic, I search out the sun and/or truth illumination. Not Lunar half-truths.

      "Next in Emblem 3 we have the beautiful picture of the meeting in a clearing in the forest of a magnificent Stag and a graceful Unicorn. The Stag as a symbol is often associated with the Sun and the Unicorn is usually linked with the Moon. These polarities are to be coupled together through the alchemist's work. "


      The twinkly lights represent the stars above the Empress's crowned head, the fella to my right picked up her staff ass indicated by the architecture behind him, he too is crowned as hidden in the building's cornice. The light may also sub for her wings. This is my "Reigning" snapshot. In the distance planes crash and people and companies make assholes of themselves at just the right time. :D


      This photo is very, very great. Snapped by a teacher of feminism too boot! ;) Head split three ways FTW!

      But I digress...anyway so yeah, just because people are pictured together doesn't mean they're fucking.

      PS If anyone wants to follow the cool mystical shit happening now, two of my favorite bands are releasing records this week that address The Empress and her solar reign over her lunar mindset and the duality of Alchemical momentum: :thumb:



      Water, anyone?

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    16. Anonymous
      o no, where is brummie when you need him????
      (moz gay statistics are as follows: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent gay)
    17. Tynamuna
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      No just having some fun :)

      - - - Updated - - -

      No thats his gaydar
    18. fredkocherpepsi
      Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

      So where can we buy this new edition? UK only?
    19. the_kaz
      Being a Modern Classic is a step down from a "regular" Classic, not, as some here seem to think, an honour. Penguin are no doubt back-tracking after all the controversy created by immediately publishing Autobiography as a Classic, alongside Dickens, Honer, etc., potentially "damaging" the brand, as some critics pointed out at the time. I,m surprised it wasn't a Modern Classic to begin with.
    20. fredkocherpepsi
      Got my answer: 7 hours ago
      @MozzeriansATW it will replace the current Black edition when it runs out. No launch as such.

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