"Autobiography" by Morrissey - reviews and media - part 2

Updated list of Autobiography reviews / media reviews.

Morrissey Confirms Attraction to Humans, Probably Not Attracted to You by ALEXANDER ABAD-SANTOS - The Atlantic Wire

Morrissey's heavenly misery memoir by William Langley - The Telegraph
The Mancunian singer’s autobiography is an unlikely smash hit – but will it make him happy?

Morrissey, you're a fraud by Carole Cadwalladr - Comment is free / The Observer. Link posted by charmer (additional commentary in thread).
The singer and his fans were once young radicals. Now, they are running, and have ruined, everything

The Jumped-Up Pantry Boy Who Never Knew His Place by Jessica Winter - Slate

Martyren Morrissey by Martin Söderström (Swedish) - Aftonbladet. Link from Martin.

Popens Potter by Jan Gradvall (Swedish) - Expressen. Link from Martin.

Peter Ross writes:

I reviewed the Morrissey Autobiography for Scotland On Sunday:
Morrissey’s revealing Autobiography is no classic - The Scotsman

I was also talking about the book on Radio Scotland, which you can hear here:
The Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth - Oct. 18, 2013

used to be a street boy writes:

MORRISSEY's AUTOBIOGRAPHY was published on 17th October, and is reviewed here by The Mouth Magazine... alongside a chance to win copies generously donated by Penguin Books.

MORRISSEY – Autobiography by Craig Walker - The Mouth Magazine

Uncleskinny writes:

Each week, The Guardian takes a book, and condenses it into a few paragraphs. Then into one line. This week they have the Autobiography...

Autobiography by Morrissey – digested read - The Guardian
John Crace reduces the much-hyped reminiscences of the Smiths singer and tortured vegetarian enigma to an intensely poetic 600 words

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Any highly ambitious member want to read all the reviews and articles posted in part I and II, rate each as either being positive or negative, then come up with a rotten tomato type score? :D

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