"Autobiography" by Morrissey #2 in the UK paperback chart in 7th week after release

Jesus christ.

Oh dear what a shame if only he'd grown some testicles and been as brave as Tom Daley the British Olympic diver, could have been at number 1 for weeks and weeks.
He came out on U-tube he's got a boyfriend but he also said he's still attracted to girls. Anyway who cares good luck to you Tom it was very brave of you (Like your Dad said "as long as your happy". He'd be very proud of you)
What a pity others have to invent a word to describe their bi-sexuality.

Oh dear - there he goes again listing chart positions like a dysfunctional 13 year old schoolboy. It's embarrassing isn't it?
I'm looking forward to hear him tell us the chart position for the new single on Sunday. It'll be nowhere near the top 40. He might be a little less in the mood for showing off...

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