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It was a doddle to join, download and immediately cancel (look for the options under 'membership')

I'm having a problem in playing it on itunes (there are lots of forum threads about itunes and audiobooks not working for some reason), but I can play the book via 'Audible Manager' which is the free software that came with it. I'll persevere with itunes and hopefully get it to work.

Thanks Dave, I did the same thing and got the Audible DL. It plays for me through iTunes but it won't transfer to iPhone...but DL through the Audible app worked fine.
Hello, this did not work for me I'm afraid, does anyone know were I could source Mp3's of this audiobook? Thanks.
Bought it from iTunes when it came out even though I saw the amazon freebie. I just didn't want to have ANY troubles with it playing on my iPhone and it hasn't. So I read it once and have listened to it about three times while walking at night with no troubles but it's funny because you still have to hear how it's brought to you by "". LOL

I love David Morrissey....
Can someone please upload/share the file? I am unable to download via amazon.

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