'Autobiography' as an authentic source

It looks correct to me. Maybe you should inform the university where he works that he’s just pretending to be a professor, if you have found out that he’s a con man. https://www.hf.uio.no/ilos/english/people/aca/juancp/index.html
I didn’t say he’s a con man, brainbox. Your link is dead. On the other hand his own LinkedIn states that he’s a lecturer with no PhD. Obnoxious much? Invested much? I don’t care what some random guy said. Why do you?
To give your eyes a break, I recommend audio-book and a cup of Barrys in the pitch dark. The reader is really funny. Court case and Siouxsie my favorite bits. Pure extasy.
Really? Boz said this?

FWD - any truth to this assertion, or is it just Peter being Peter? Yours is the only voice I trust.
Great call
He missed a trick.. The Gospel of Morrissey
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