august 9th 2002 - celebrity theatre, phoenix, az


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not sure if this has been posted here already or not - i haven't seen it at least. just found it on soulseek, but it was in one mp3-file, so i split it up and figured i might as well post it up for others to enjoy.
it's a special show for several reasons. it's the first date on the 2002 tour, and therefore also the first live performance of "first of the gang to die", "the world is full of crashing bores" and "mexico". it also has the only live performance to date of "at amber" (although i hope not the only one ever), as well as the only live performance of "please please please..." until it was re-introduced recently. this is a very different version though - no acoustic guitar, just the full band playing all along. it sort of reminds me of "i know it's gonna happen someday" in a way, actually...

pretty good audience recording.

complete setlist and more info on PJLM -


oh, i also made a little "cover" for it. not much, i just made it since i hate not having a cover in itunes and on my ipod...first world problems, i know.



practicing troublemaker takers? whatsoever?


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thanks for the upload...and very nice cover
What he said. :) I'd already heard Please Please Please and At Amber from this show, the former being my favorite live song ever performed by Morrissey, and am glad to have the rest of the concert, thanks. :)


practicing troublemaker
thanks, guys.
I have this show. cool cover though!!

This is an epic show. love it. thanks!!
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