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    Does anyone know of a good program to use to record and clean up a recording from microcass?
    I made a recording of a gig in 2007 (June 5 - Ventura, CA) I was pretty close so the recording is decent. Audible w/o being super-"boomy" from being TOO close. It's on microcass so it's not the highest fidelity. Also, I flipped the tape while the band were offstage due to the intense stage invasion, so the recording is ALMOST complete.
    I posted about it about a week after the gig but a lot of things have kept me from distributing it. My fiancee loaned my recorder to someone and never got it back. Then, I moved and somehow misplaced the tape.
    I found the tape a few weeks ago, popped for a new microcass recorder(just to rip this recording!) and now I just need a good program to record it onto my comp and clean it up. There are SO many programs out there, I don't know where to even begin! I figured someone here would have more experience in this department than I (i.e. NONE) and know the best program to use..


    ...and yes, this recording will be distributed here as soon as I get it sorted out.

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