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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.

    Set List:

    Shoplifters Of The World Unite / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / November Spawned A Monster / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Alma Matters / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Still Ill / Everyday Is Like Sunday / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Meat Is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart / Black Cloud / Speedway / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Let Me Kiss You / I Know It's Over / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Sweet And Tender Hooligan // How Soon Is Now?

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 15, 2012.

    1. redod

      First of the gang
      Killed me
      Still ill
      To give
      Black Cloud
      Let me Kiss you
      I know its Over
      Youngest most loved
      Sweet and tender Hooligan
      How soon?
    2. Anonymous
      Must have took all of 45 minutes to get through that list! How much was the ticket and how much does that workout per song ?
      He could have played 'All the lazy songwriters' !!!!!!
    3. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      Ok, just in the door after a very very long day. So these might just be ramblings, although nothing different there. I was third in line arriving at 12.25. First Kiwi as a fan from Japan and one from Germany had been there since around 8.30. First plane outta Wellington. Nice fans waiting. Mainly the younger fans. Security were really nice and opened the doors first for those who had been there first. No running to the stage, walking. Although I ended up doing that funny speed walk. Got to the front centre. Right in front of the mic. Front row filled up with those of us who were there from the early afternoon. While outside I went and shook hands and spoke to Julia. Her 557th gig. I had written to Julia way back in the mid 1990's

      Kirsteen Young has a really low profile in NZ. That will continue. Nice dress that she was wearing, but everything else passed everyone by. Crowd was a little quiet but a few Morr-iss-ey, Morr-iss-ey chants went up. First five songs were just wild. Truly truly great. Huge surge from the crowd, everyone singing along. Lots of mic whips from Moz who was wearing that blue chevon zip up shirt again. No intros to the band.

      I think it might have been Jamie asked Moz what happened to Boz, Morrrissey replied that Boz was on the roof, sick of life, and so "I pushed him". Boz remained stoney faced throughout. Actually he looked dead miserable all night. That broken arm on tour will be horrible. "Black Cloud" kinda just passed by. I thought that was the one dud song. Morrissey asked after "To Give" did anyone like that?..."No? Neither did I". There was also one really touching bit when it must have been after "Speedway" and before "Please, Please..." where he just asked that everyone just become be nice. I really hope someone posts that little monologue as it was very touching.

      Julia got a special mention and I think a hand out to her very early one. The mic got passed around. One girl mentioned how she was seasick and docked, but no more because of Morrissey. The young girl beside me got the mike (she had been in line since 1pm and her and her sister were lovely) One mentioned how she loves him and the other said she wrote a speech about him at school and passed. Also you could tell he really enjoyed Wellington. Morrissey was chatty, but not as much as other gigs perhaps? I have nothing to measure it against. Security were quite tough on filiming with lots of warnings of no filming only stills. Still didn't stop people.

      There was one stage invasion. Well done D you came along way for that. Lots of gifts passed to Morrissey. I never got to touch him but I got a piece of shirt!! Right now I can smell Morrissey's scent. I managed to get a good size piece, but gave some to the lovely girls beside me and one or two others who deserved it. Lovely fans.

      There's just something magical about seeing Morrissey on stage. I so glad I was up close and personal. Nice meeting so many good fans. Security said that only 2,500 tickets had been sold. Maybe it was close to 3,000 near the end.

      Ok perhaps more tomorrow. I'm off to bed. I am really exhusted. Over to you Australia.
    4. EnglandIsMine
      Nice words Librarian. Feel glad for you and those you mentioned. :)
    5. Anonymous
      Oh please pass me the norovirus bucket ! "I went and shook hands and spoke to Julia." Eh!!!!! "I had written to Julia way back in the mid 1990's" You need to set up (very weird) Right now I can smell Morrissey's scent.
      I imagine you are an 11 year old girl right ?
    6. redod
      He also sang a couple of lines from Heaven knows I'm miserable now early on, maybe before november spawned a monster?

      Good show, but the wellington gig was definitely better. Morrissey was more chatty and enthused. The Auckland crowd was also way more aggressive- the lady behind was giving him the finger and cursing him out, how charming.

      Sad that it's all over now, but met a whole lot of good people, including Librarian on Fire :)
    7. Anonymous
      Are you really THAT envious you weren't there? THAT envious you feel the need to deride other people's experiences? Sad.
    8. Anonymous
      How do you figure 21 songs = 45 mins? You know full well that he plays 18 - 21 songs per show and that the average duration is around 1hr 20. Oh, but it wouldn't be So_Low without using any old stick to beat him. "Show me a barrel and watch me scrape it..."
    9. Anonymous
      Wow! That was so amazing! I left with my throat hoarse from singing so much with a piece of the top and the flag in my hand, practically on air as we walked out. I went with two friends and we slowly edged our way further to the front. We were right in front of him and during Meat is Murder I pulled my shirt off (with the Meat is Murder album cover) and held it in the air. We totally made eyelove. It was amazing and I will never ever forget it. Truly one of the highlights of my life.
    10. Fan
      The beautiful thing about this site is that people can be critical of Morrissey; that is what makes this site so great. Fawning is okay, but remember that criticism is good--and in Morrissey's case, he dishes it out, so he should be able to take it.
    11. CrystalGeezer
      Eww. I hope he was wearing his contact lenses. :D
    12. Anonymous
    13. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      Cheers. Yeah the crowd was typical of Auckland. Right at the end I had some f****wit climb up on people's shoulders including mine hoping to get on stage. Pointless really 'cos I'm pretty short. Security did nothing. The girl beside me as very angry at that behaviour. There was also that nice bit before "To Give" where he said "All I want(need?) is a comfortable bed, clean sheets....(I can't remember the rest). No where near as chatty as I was anticpating. Anthony on the drums was really good. Strong performance there from him. I did notice that they seemed to be using the keyboards a lot to fill up the sound. I think that might have been because of Boz's broken arm. Lots of the 20 year kids only knew the words to The Smiths songs. When it came to "Fatty" they looked a bit blank.
    14. brendles
      I woke up this morning seeing that La, La, La, … bit of Spring-heeled Jim, wishing the time and energy thing meant I actually could’ve danced more and taken in even more of Morrissey’s body of words last night. My drive home from the show did at first feel like that soundtrack/movie Drive since I was alone (again or), flicking through hits he could’ve played, and repeating ones that I’ve never managed to kill despite obsessive repetition. Luckily the humour and bassline of Suedehead snapped me out of the glums.

      My favourite moment before the show was dancing to the footage of David Bowie‘s Jean Genie with a couple of great friends, feeling so in love with rock n roll music and dressed in such a way that I could imagine us dancing at a show in the 50s Chicago with a blues great like Willie Dixon or Muddy Waters. Who was in all those 60s music clips, eg, the cool group with female singer walking around the city and the singer sitting on top of the bus?

      There was even more drama than I'd hoped for in last night's show. The lighting, anecdotes, superfans, and films like Meet your meat. Plus the drummer’s ostentatious but completely necessary drum setup with those huge shimmering cymbals. The best use of the hightech All Blacks uniform ever on all members of his band. I’ll never forget Morrissey’s surprise strip offs, cool outfit changes and his embrace of our black and white yet silver fern flag, leaving me with the idea that there should be larger, lava-lava-sized versions for symbolic and practical uses.

      My friend reckons a last of the famous international playboys singalong would’ve been good, and today I‘ll find that track and imagine the people at last night's show in Tāmaki - place of 1000 lovers - throwing their hearts into that number too.
    15. klaus
    16. Bluebirds
      Late Night on Shortland Street?

      Was looking forward to reading lots of reviews of this show.
    17. Dozz
      Last night opened my eyes, fantastic show!, Morrissey brilliant and enjoyed the solo material more-so than The Smiths tracks which was surprising, Pity there was no "People are the same everywhere" and Black Cloud was OK but all in all just stunning.... Travelled from Whangarei and was well worth the trip, mixed audience - few dickheads in the crowd but mostly great... was prepared for a emotional rollercoaster like watching the The Cure at the Vector but this was just pure happiness, the humour in the lyrics really is more pronounced live.. Kristeen Young deserves a band! (and a hit single)
      yes, 21 years after getting into Morrissey through Bona Drag I finally can die happy, and thought I could move on... my partner who is not or was not a Morrissey fan now is, and she has been on Youtube all today watching Moz at the Hollywood Bowl, I am glad It has not ended and I feel even more a fan now...

      Highlight - November Spawned a Monster, Anthony Burulcich on drums! Voice and Band
      Lowlight - Need to hear the basslines (probably the venue), All Blacks shirts nice touch but overkill in NZ
    18. brendles
      I’m glad some folk at the Wellington show also longed for more Morrissey solo stuff. During last night's AK city show I was surprised at my lack of nostalgic bliss for half of the Smith songs they played. I knew the songs, and I liked their point back in the day, but not all of them connected with me or survived being killed by radio B playlist death or even grabbed my teenaged attention since certain Smiths tracks are so eternally fascinating. Maybe to handle all the hard out Morrissey lyrics from that era, I needed to also witness the onslaught and musicianship of the missing Smiths, like handsome ol’ Johnny Marr.

      My cousin in Wellington told me how genius he was on Friday, and I now know what she meant about becoming a bigger fan than before! I suggest a festival to get through all his hits where the (NZ?) covers band Coronation St help out with the Smiths era stuff, freeing Morrissey and his awesome band up for even more hits like Last of the famous international playboys, Suedehead, Spring-heeled Jim. In the real world my plan is to figure out what Morrissey solo stuff I’ve been missing out on. :)

      Smiths favs: Shoplifters and How soon is now
      Superfan fav: The girl who got an 'Excellence' for her speech on Morrissey for her NCEA English assessment.
      Morrissey favs: Killed me and Youngest
    19. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      Just back from the airport where I had to *ahem* meet my brother. The band arrived in some crappy little Japanese import people carrier style van. Noticed Kirsteen first who looked really stylish in her blazer, hair-up and make up. Said to her "Thanks for last night Kirsteen" Head of Morrissey security Arturo was there and he recognised me from last night. Well he was in front of me, and I'm short and easy to remember. He gave me a nod. They all went through to get checked in. No Morrissey yet...then Morrissey arrives with his two minders. I swear it's that little guy that King Leer remembers seeing Morrissey with a couple of years ago. The band all give me a head nod on in the direction of Morrissey and so I go over. Morrissey had gone through to the QANTAS first class check in lounge and was sitting down. There were no other fans arounds and so I entered. His minder started to come up to me, but I said "Two minutes" and Morrissey indicated that it would be ok. And there I am with Morrissey, his minders who were respectful in a quiet lobby! I thanked him for coming, asked if he gets jetlag. Thanked him for last night, asked after his mum. She's doing great!. Asked if he watched Coronation Street on Thursday night...No. And said how stylish Kirsteen looked. It was really nice. I asked if he would mind if I took a photo. He went to stand up and as I'm short he said perhaps we should sit down, I replied "Yes you're a little bit taller than me" He replied with "Yes I noticed that" Cheeky sod. Got two things signed. Thanked him, wished him a safe journey. Again he smelt so good and I'm kicking myself for failing to ask about the autobiography. Sorry folks.

      Came back out to thank the band. Got my photo taken with Anthony who was so nice, Gustavo, equally nice and Arturo. That band were sharply dressed. All blazers and open collared shirts. Glad I had done the same. Anthony said that he noticed me trying to get on stage and was really willing me to get on! I'm deeply touched.

      So that it was it. Meeting Morrissey, the band and seeing him live. I feel very lucky and I've gone on too much...
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