Atlantic City postponed to June 22

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By DubbalinGirl on Jun 5, 2014 at 4:01 PM
  1. DubbalinGirl

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    Jan 14, 2013
    Boston, MA
    I see a postponed date of 22 June.

    The Morrissey show has been postponed to Sunday, June 22. All previously purchased tickets will be honored on the new date.
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    1. Anonymous
      Is it normal for him to have not given any interviews on a tour? No TV appearances? Something is wrong.
    2. valvano
      have tix for Balmer and DC next week, and hotel reservation that Tuesday night.......doesnt look good
    3. bored

      I'm still going to Atlantic City and I'm still going to have fun.

      Such is life.
    4. Anonymous
      Unless you enjoy the company of hordes of sad, old emphysematic ladies dumping buckets of quarters into slot machines, AC is not very fun.
    5. bored
      Well, I'm driving down with my 2 best friends. We are meeting up with a friend down there.

      I know it won't be as good as going to AC to see Moz but I am going to make the best of my hotel reservation and my time off of work.
    6. Anonymous
      Amen ... Me too!!
    7. CrystalGeezer
      :thumb: One of my best vacations was meeting up with friends in Portland after Morrisssey got sick.
    8. Revelbound
      need 48 hour notice to cancel in AC - so reservation stands, REVEL dinner reservation stands, will bring a boombox to blast Moz tunes in the room.
    9. Anonymous
      So he postpones AC but just throws the Atlanta show out altogether? Please explain.
    10. bored
      Do you promise not to play To Live?
    11. Anonymous
      They claim Boston is on.
    12. Anonymous
      Tour resumes in Boston "without question" according to Morrissey Official FB
    13. Anonymous
      revel is pretty nice. decent pool area, nice spa, and good grub.

      get well, moz!

      fitz & the tantrums playing borgata Friday night. They put on a good show.

      Don't expect Vegas but a walk on the boards will make you think u have arrived on another planet. great people watching. sorry it's not full of superficial hipsters.
    14. Anonymous
      Can't wait for the now inevitable cancellation on the 20th. Why does he even bother doing more than 6-day tours anymore? 3rd time I've been (okay he hasn't yet) cancelled on. Unfortunately know people with even more cancellations.
    15. Boston tour
      Boston tour
      Tour resumes in Boston "without question"
    16. Anonymous
      Those Smiths cover bands playing at the Revel casino bar are going to have a lot of excited fans since that is the only entertainment we're getting!
    17. bored
      Are there any other kind of hipsters?
    18. Anonymous

      To be fair, AC is pretty full of dopers, mutants and old people. Revel is just full of truly grim thugs and white trash. But that's AC for you.
    19. Anaesthesine
      I'll never forget the last time he cancelled/rescheduled AC - when the show finally happened he acted like it was the last place in the world he wanted to be. I had a sense that he wouldn't make it this time either (especially since it didn't sell out). Luckily I'll actually be not-too-far from AC on the rescheduled date, so it works out for me.

      If he goes through with Brooklyn it will be an all-Morrissey weekend.

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