Atlanta Show - 6/4 - CANCELED

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By Detritus on Jun 3, 2014 at 11:09 PM
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    And so it begins...

    Morrissey cancels Atlanta -


    According to the show’s promoters, Morrissey, the touring crew and opener Kristeen Young have come down with a virus. The show was selling robustly, with only a couple of rows of rear mezzanine seating still available Tuesday.

    All tickets will be refunded at point of purchase, which indicates a rescheduled date isn’t planned.

    The COBB Energy Center have also confirmed via their Twitter page.

    To anyone who planned on attending this show, you have my sympathy.

    I have tickets for the shows in AC and Boston this weekend...the next few days are going to be interesting.
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Detritus, Jun 3, 2014.

    1. Anonymous
      I have tickets for Saturday. Oh boy.
    2. lazy_sunbather
      Here we go again. I am a Chicago ticket holder and I am 0-5 with ticket in hand...
    3. Anonymous
      I'm amazed he lasted his long without cancelling. I know anyone can get sick at any time, but I just don't think Moz is up to the rigours of these tours anymore. He needs to focus on smaller tours, with more days off to rest between shows.
    4. CrystalGeezer
      Oh no! My friend Alex said he was getting sick yesterday. :tears: I'm so sorry guys.

      See...this is why HANDSHAKES are stupid.

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    5. Anonymous
      How would your friend know he was getting sick?
    6. Chip
      Oh god. I have tickets for Atlantic City, Baltimore, and DC…let's hope this isn't a trend...
    7. CrystalGeezer
      Looks like you have 80 spare bucks to blow on the craps table. C'mon double six!!!!!!
    8. MozRecording
      Maybe all the ticket holders can take their refunds and bid on the Morrissey/Smiths back catalog instead.

      Sorry. Suck to get a show canceled on you. Hope you all get to see him soon.

      -MR (9 cancelations and counting)
    9. Anonymous
      I am staying across the street from Cobb - went over to confirm if show was off - they said - off due to illness - Once I got done crying - I crossed the street back to the hotel, slipped on some dry leaves - fell and hit my head. Who still ill now!!! Sad thing is - flew in from San Diego to see the show - now for the next 2 days I have to stare out my bedroom window at the Cobb Energy Center. Good News - having fun in Atlanta!!!
    10. Anonymous
      With his track record you took a gamble flying that far for a show.

      Maybe he is having such a good time in Miami he doesn't want to leave yet? Wasn't he hanging out with football players in the hotel bar last night?
    11. FAN
      Surprised it took this long. This clown has no respect for his fans, for all those who claim that he truly loves and cares for them--bollocks. He cares for the $$$--and if he does not feel like playing a show--he cancels on a whim.

      He knows people travel from afar to see him--this is downright disgusting.
    12. marred
      He seems to handle touring and singing his heart out night after night when he is not sick. What is your point? A virus has nothing to do with age or slowing down.
    13. Anonymous
      It has everything to do with touching all the hands while on stage.

      The report that the crew and Kristeen are sick is false. Kristeen said on Facebook she's fine. Hmm.
    14. marred
      What a moronic thing to say. He's a human being you idiot. Humans get sick. Are you fucking stupid or what?
    15. Anonymous
      I didn't think Pamela was that infectious.
    16. Anonymous
      A human, yes, with an unbelievably, galactically disproportionate number of sick days and work missed.
    17. Anonymous
      Thinking the same thing; I have tickets for Atlantic City, Wilmington, and Hershey. I wouldn't care if I had already seen some shows, but I will be absolutely gutted if I don't see any on this tour. Maybe it's just a bad case of sunburn and heat exhaustion from the couple days off in Miami. Hopefully, everything will get back on track. He was doing so well; I'd hate to see this tour end on a negative note.

      More importantly, I hope someone on his staff realizes that Atlantic City is one of the worst places for vegetarians. I live about 40 miles away, and I can never find anything to eat; and the Revel is one of the worst offenders; even their french fries are soaked in duck fat, and the nearest Whole Foods is another 40 miles west. For god's sake, somebody bring the tofu; we don't want our man to be grumpy.

    18. Anonymous
      Wow it seems we've run out of people to pin the illness on so the whole payroll has been infected this time around, once again it seems our supa hero Ste-Mo is on the ropes.
      His insurance must be astronomical.
      Has another wheel fell off the covered wagon ?
      Have Harvest records pulled the plug ?
      Will we ever hear this "miracle album" ?
      Will we find him in a ditch ?
      Will it be left to Tosserrey to explain the situation (Again ?)
      On another note though well done Lynne and Boz with the record store and wine plonk ( get them diarys out Boz it's time to tell all about the importance of working with Lord Mudslide )
      Johnny ! Please stay true to Manchester and NEVER work again with Liverpools answer to Manchester (Ringo Starr).
      (This could have all been put on Jackies shoulders surely ? )
    19. Anonymous
      The 'everyone is down with a virus' seems like a smokescreen. Maybe it's another one of those 'burrito in the eye' incidents, but they are too embarrassed to say?

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