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By Uncleskinny on Jul 18, 2012 at 5:12 PM
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    UPDATE 5:00PM PT:

    Link posted by MORRIZSEY:

    Press release from Susan Blond: Morrissey breaks attendance record at Lycabettus Arena in Athens -
    18 July 2012

    Press release from Susan Blond:


    Morrissey's July 16th show at Lycabettus Arena in Athens, Greece broke an attendance record that was previously held by Radiohead, as 9,000 people forced their way into a 5,500 capacity venue.

    Security officials gave up as 3,500 broke through the main doors. The head of security, who has served the venue for 30 years, said, "I have never seen such determined people."

    The stage had already been moved back 4 meters to accommodate the capacity crowd but non-ticketed patrons also lined observation points to the left and right of the arena.

    Morrissey said he was "delighted and humbled" by the Athens reception and delivered a blistering set combining new songs such as "Scandinavia" and "Action is my middle name" as well as older songs including "You have killed me" and "I'm throwing my arms around Paris".

    Morrissey is currently wrapping up his European tour and will hit the stage in October for his North American tour. He remains without a record deal.


    From True To You:-

    Athens, Greece
    18 July 2012

    On July 16th Morrissey's concert in Athens, Greece broke the box-office attendance record previously held by Radiohead. 9,000 people attended a 5,300 capacity venue where security said they were powerless to stop 3,700 extra people from entering the arena.
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    2. orestes3009
      Oh well, I was expecting that. The crowd kept coming and coming, even after Morrissey got on stage. The theatre was packed. Not to mention the people who stood on the cliffs, enjoying Morrissey for free, but from distance. What a night, what a night....
    3. Anonymous
      What is the point of this statement????

      Is it that Greek security is crap and another Hillsborough disaster could of happened ???? Pathetic statement.
    4. Anonymous

      Manchester arena would like to stress there will be no rush and push at the up-coming Morrissey event as previously witnessed in Athens because the event in his home town is NOT SOLD OUT !!!
    5. klaus
      Did those 3,700 people get in for free? Morrissey would not like that.
    6. Worm
      Question: how can you break a box office record when all of the extra concertgoers didn't pay?
    7. PregnantForTheLastTime
      Did it say "box office record" or did it just say they broke the box office? ;)
    8. Worm
      Ha! We'll never know. I'd just like an official press release. "Radiohead's previous record of 1,789 gate-crashing freeloaders was just broken by Morrissey, who shattered the previous mark with a staggering 3,700 deadbeats!" :)
    9. Worm
      I can hear it now: "It's astonishing how I'm ignored. Why, with proper promotion, we could have had 6,000 gatecrashers!"
    10. Uncleskinny
      As I mentioned elsewhere, there's a real sub-text to this statement, a frantic waving of hands, saying "I'm still current, I'm still packing 'em in" - I mean Radiohead - they're a huge band, no? And very current.

    11. Anonymous
      I have to say that I am with the previous poster who said that this is a bit of an odd statement and is bragging about a potential disaster. Having lost a friend at Hillsborough I think the idea of taking some sort of pleasure in this is at best a little perverse. At worst its quite horrible.
    12. Worm

      Don't be so cynical, Peter. It's a nice footnote to the tour. There's something cool about the fact that the venue was filled at almost double capacity. And let's not turn up our noses at good news coming out of Greece. ;)
    13. I Like You
      I Like You
      Some people must still have money in Greece then.
    14. Anonymous
      Well, it's true.
    15. Worm
      Don't tell Angela Merkel. She's the Mike Joyce of the Eurozone.
    16. Johnson B.
      Johnson B.
      I don't believe in morrissey. I don't believe in bob dylan either.both cursed.
    17. Anonymous
      Thanks for your support and I'm really sorry for your loss but when I read this "Statement" I could see all those photos on the front of the newspapers and felt very sick.
      Why would you feel so proud to release a "statement" like this the guys clearly lost the plot for me.
    18. Anonymous
      Is there a single thing on the planet that scousers won't somehow try and make about them? Jesus.

      It's an interesting bit of info. Nothing more.
    19. Anonymous
      Overseas fans be VERY careful about how you comment on this post, a wise tip would be to google " Hillsborough disaster".

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