"At home with Mozzer early 90’s" - mrjakewalters / Instagram

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By Lost and found on Jan 20, 2019 at 4:05 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lost and found, Jan 20, 2019.

    1. Anonymous

      To be fair compare him to Bowie pre cancer at same age, compare 50 year old Moz to Brett Anderson or Damon from Blur or Tim from The Charlatans compare post 45 to Johnny Depp,, Brad pitt and you will see how bad he had aged he looks older than the ringer from The Who and Roger is in his 70s
      Russ from sparks is also in his 70s and looks younger
      Moz looks fucking terrible
      Though to be fair he looks better these days than he did the last few years
    2. Anonymous
      I think all that vitriol ages him. Noticed around 2000 he started to age noticeably, getting stockier at that point. When he was younger, he used that bitterness and revenge-seeking to fuel his career, but then it just started to eat him up from the inside.
    3. Anonymous
      Late thanks btw Joe. It was great to finally read what Jake had be rumoured to be so upset about. I have no idea what would have warranted punching that lady...Jake may have been the original Winged Chimp.

      She portrays Morrissey as being guarded and vexed, and herself as being caught in such a whirlwind of contradictory emotions :drama: that you picture Scarlett O'Hara alternatively slamming doors, whining and mocking. It's great, very cinematic.
      God knows what Morrissey told Jake, but there's obviously some kind of tension...If only in the dynamics of a narcissist testing a fan/ journalist on her turf with her husband close at hand, and him not quite having the upper hand (although answering her phone was a nice attempt at establishing dominance... It was that or taking a leak on her carpet I suppose...)(no no, no regrets Morrissey, you did the right thing.)

      "I thought this was a moronic thing to say...."
      Ha ha! Brilliant.

      Contrast with all the dumb interviews we've had to endure since and appreciate what Jealous Jake understandably couldn't.

      "L.A has an extraordinarily tranquilising effect on the sharpest of brains..."
      ...And bear in mind that was written even before they invented Morrissey Day and its special discount on lobotomies ("have one, get one free.")! ;)

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