"At 58, Is Morrissey Relevant?" by Dodie Miller-Gould - LemonWire

"At 58, Is Morrissey Relevant?" by Dodie Miller-Gould - LemonWire

In a nutshell: the writer feels he is still relevant.


"Thirty-five years ago, The Smiths, an alternative pop band from Manchester, England, showed the world what it would sound like if ideas about sexual purity and vegetarianism were set to a punk beat, driven home with an acrobatic bass line, and sung in painful clarity by one of the clearest tenors in modern rock. The Smiths’ lead singer, Steven Patrick Morrissey, known simply as “Morrissey” or “Moz” was responsible for shaping the band’s ethos and as a result, generations of fans turn to Morrissey to get a heaping serving of reality with sarcasm and wit on the side."


Oh, "After a brief tour this spring, there are rumors of more tour dates, and this excites many." - did I miss something?
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They are just that as you described and you can ask them at museums and you will be shocked.

Morrissey when told about this fact:




you're asking the wrong question....Steven is not consumed by such things. that's the shit left by us mother f***ers who think we are or what we think is relevant. sad really to be irrelevant.

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