Assuming The Smiths/Morrissey are Your Favorite Artist...

And a lovely song it is too, with Bernard Butler on guitar. I posted it in the "other music" section.

really! That’s exciting. Thanks for that. I was listening to the album he and Ben watt made the other day
Yes, a very good band indeed! All 4 albums are really good.
Thank you and we seem to share taste when it comes to a lot of things not least your username here which I assume is a tribute to the great actor.

Let me add Broder Daniel as well.

Couldn't tell you or even care
Wedding Present deserves a mention here. My experience tells me fans of the band are the most straight people you can find out there.
No homo would like the band.

Paul King on MTV's 120 Minutes had a theory when this video premiered that David had a falling out with Morrissey and that the song is about Moz and that the dancers in the video are imitating ridiculous Moz moves.
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