"Ask" live video used to promote "Rank"

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By roky on Feb 18, 2011 at 7:00 PM
  1. roky

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    Jul 10, 2008
    I have never seen this. It might have been on here before, but it is new to me. I didn't know that they made a promo live video to promote the "Rank" album.

    Quotes from the information.

    "This video of "Ask" (live) was used as promotion for the "Rank" album. The Footage is from the "The Queen Is Dead" tour - while Craig Gannon was with the Smiths".

    (Morrissey, On Pop Promos) ..........
    ~ "I have never liked it... I never like any videos & I just feel that if The Smiths could just slide along,,, or had just slid along without ever touching this world, I would have felt incredibly proud.... But I suppose, to the glazed eye, that hasn't happened..... Something precious has been lost and I don't think it was worth losing it, to be quite honest."

    Update Feb. 18, 11 am PT:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by roky, Feb 18, 2011.

    1. Uncleskinny
      What a find. Excellent.

    2. Anonymous
      Oh God, they were good.
    3. Anonymous DAVIE (???)
      Anonymous DAVIE (???)
      Watch the video....I love it!
      More Smiths demos and unofficial videos please :p
    4. mozmal
      No contest, indeed. Very nice.
    5. Anonymous
      It's nice to see Craig. I always felt bad for him.
    6. Anonymous
      My God do they sound awesome. I've always felt "Ask" was one of the major gems in the Smiths catalog, not sure why it doesn't quite seem to get that status amongst most fans.
    7. Anonymous
      If you want the original source of that video go to youtube.com/winemouth
    8. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Wow - that was great! Thanks for sharing.
    9. egosheep
      Notice they used footage from two shows. I wonder if any entire shows from these cameras will ever be released?
    10. Anonymous
      it's been around for this promo, I've had it on DVD since about 2000. It's like a lot of stuff that seems to be surfacing after so very long and it's nice to see it all becoming available now.
    11. Anonymous
      Ha ha, forgot this footage..poor ol' Andy Rourke looks like he's really sweating it all out there...putty flavoured skin!
    12. celibate
      whose agin not seeing the clip

      not showing anything

      not even a screen to see it on

    13. mjparkin
      Just an FYI: the footage of Moz in white denim / sunglasses is clearly staged, shot for a promo. Not actual concert footage. Probably shot for a proposed "Ask" promo. Good stuff, but staged, not live.
    14. celibate
      saw it via DL forum on youtube

      more, release a live Smiths DVD

      [no way, Morrissey would'n benefit, Joce the most, sounds boring
      but it's stil Joyce getting Smiths royalties for a few things, performing too,
      darn, I would risk it for a biscuit, just beteer way to se how great
      The Smiths live sounded, as you hear on Rank]
    15. goinghome
      Interesting, but still very cool! :cool:
    16. celibate
      San Remo festival?

      The Smiths did it 2 year at the time, this could be the 1986, I believe Morrissey wore there white denim
    17. celibate
      think about Viv Nickolson

      ' driving around on on a backseat open chevy with Morrissey through Manchester,
      ....?..what more can someone wants ...? [or somethink like that]

      [Southbank, they way she spoke real corrie talk]

      for a Dutch guy, as me, couldn't made a talk on the mall in York, that's not
      english, well every part has it'sorta talk,tough for a non english spoken country
    18. Anonymous
      Morrissey invented cool!
    19. Anonymous
      This was shown on Canada's Muchmusic videochannel in the early 90's on their Muchmusic "Spotlight" programme. Each night at 6pm (if memory serves) they'd feature videos interspersed with interview footage. I've had this on a very, very poorly recorded VHS tape for about 20 years. Didn't realize this would be new for anyone else.

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