Asheville Cancellation Consolation Prizes--last place!


I have a small consolation prize for two solo-ers who want it and send me an email wanting it!

It's a classic "Dewey Defeats Truman"-style 3/6/09 hard copy of Take5 magazine (, Asheville's weekly alt-art-paper, and it has HUGE (13"x"16") YOR cover art on its cover. The title is "HOW SOON IS NOW? Legendary Brit Rocker Morrissey makes Asheville debut". There's a nice article about Moz and the precocious, over-acheiving Asheville live-music demand. I will bring one copy to Philly tomorrow and one copy to Foxwoods next Saturday. If you want it, PM me. In the event of more than one request for each gig, tell me some reason why you want it. I'm too dumb to be able to post pics on this site. Anyone want to refer me to that link?
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