Article: Universal deny blocking Morrissey Paris tribute release, call Morrissey's accusations "hurt

An anonymous person and JoeSellMozza post the link:

Universal Deny Blocking Morrissey Paris Tribute Release, Call Morrissey's Accusations "Hurtful and Wrong" - Pitchfork
Universal spokesperson: "We have not received – let alone refused – any request from Morrissey himself related to ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’."

UPDATE Nov. 25:

Response posted on

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Re: Universal deny blocking Morrissey Paris tribute release, call Morrissey's accusations "hurtful and wrong"

And thousands adore him. Including me. Benny, you are so angry all the time, i wonder if people are even too scared to talk to you in public. Nothing has changed with Morrissey because they know what his heart is of.You can only fake it for so long, he is the real deal.

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There will be the usual people who see everything in the world as Morrissey's fault, then there will be those who refuse to believe that Morrissey can do any wrong, when really, the truth probably lies in between.

I can see it being a situation of miscommunication, one side misunderstands what the other says/wants. Morrissey, unfortunately, has the same black and white view of the world as so many people here have, ironically the people who hate him the most here are quite a lot like him. So Morrissey most likely jumped the gun announcing things are being the way they are. He comes off looking like a petulant child not understanding the world works differently to how he believes it should. Yet at the same time, someone in his camp may well have had word back that they will not release the song. Hell, maybe Morrissey is actually spot on here...just as likely as it is that he goes off the deep end with these comments, it isn't beyond the realm of comprehension that a large corporation will deny, deny, deny in the public face of being called out on something that doesn't reflect favourably on them.

Either way, I'm sure it's murky, but I'm sure that won't stop the people here from being 100% against or for Morrissey. Such rational people.
Miscommunication is the world!

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