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    Big end-of-tour statement, encompassing tour reflections, Harvest, Sydney Book Signing, Cecil the Lion...

    Now my heart is fuller - true-to-you.net29 July 2015

    Now I know what Rollermania was like (you are too young to remember), and now I know what Osmondmania was like (you are too young to remember), and now I know what Beatlemania was like (everyone is too old to remember). Thank you for our best ever American tour. We are engulfed by a sense of indebtedness and joy. The credit for such a wonderful tour is all yours. We simply turn up and hope for the best and that best is you.

    Eternity caught magnificently in the moment:

    1. Salt Lake City (18 July) Depot
    2. Seattle (21 July) Benaroya Hall
    3. San Jose (25 July) Event Center
    4. Cincinnati (30 June) Aronoff Center
    5. Akron (29 June) Civic
    6. Nashville (3 July) Ryman Auditorium
    7. Detroit (8 July) Masonic Temple
    8. New York City (27 June) Madison Square Garden
    9. Bloomington (11 July) Center for Performing Arts
    10. Worcester (24 June) Hanover Theater
    11. Washington (17 June) Echostage
    12. Philadelphia (20 June) Academy of Music
    13. Denver (16 July) Red Rocks
    14. Atlanta (13 June) Symphony Hall

    ... and this list continues. Yet it halts at the mere mention of the Firefly Festival - an absurd situation best forgotten.

    However, what has caused this sudden new life form? Why are we back in the glory days of 1991/92? Why now? I rashly imagine it is partly public support in response to World peace is none of your business being axed in its prime by Steve Barnett - that cheap model of Humpty Dumpty whose Harvest/Capitol label can offer the world absolutely nothing in place of World peace is none of your business. I believe that his actions have enraged many people throughout the world, and the fact that he still has a job indicates the hellward march of a music industry that will never allow itself to be surprised by anything that is not endorsed by television 'talent' shows (none of which have yet produced one single lasting or meaningful star). However, he is now unworthy of further mention. He lives inside his own skin, which is surely punishment enough.

    The heart fretted slightly at the Sydney book-signing. I had no idea that the shop would only allow 220 people in, and I only later learned that the shop threatened police action against anyone who loitered within or outside of the shop without one of those special-invitation confirmation things: a fascinating way to treat grown adults. Consequently, the Sydney book-signing was an outstanding non-event, and only later do to we learn the facts.

    Our four nights at Sydney Opera House left me too much in love with whatever it is I do to ever hang back. Although my achievements are generally ignored by the media, my heart records everything, and I fall over with gratitude to all of the people who made the four Opera House nights instant sell-outs. My prayers of thanks to the people of Sydney, I know, could never be sufficient to repay their love and respect.

    What is it all about, really? So much love in such a very cruel world. I say the latter as I read about Walter James Palmer of Eden Prairie in Minnesota who murdered the very beautiful and much-loved lion named Cecil, so trusting of people and leading such a contented life until Walter James Palmer (a dentist at River Bluff Dental in Minnesota) lured Cecil to a death that took 40 hours of pain before the lion died. How does our society produce people as evil as Walter James Palmer? Well, Melissa Bachman (also of Minnesota) got away with it, so the shootists' door swings open time and again in the USA. Kill for fun.

    However, our societies will always hatch the ugly elements, as murdering animals is also a hysterically funny pastime in the family of Donald Trump - who will probably express outrage and disgust at the next inevitable American school shooting.

    For me, if permissible! these are happy times, and the band and I look forward to the rest of the year ... South and Central America and our shows in Europe. We pray that we live up to your expectations. Please understand that satisfaction comes from the courage of standing up and speaking out, not from holding back. Good times for a change.

    I am unwilling to close my mind.

    29 July 2015.


    recent tour photograph above of Jesse Tobias taken by Christopher Victorio, and printed here with great respect to the photographer.

    photograph below by Sam Esty Rayner.

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    1. Tynamuna
      :rofl: , the beatlemania part. Oh morrissey keep you spirits up angel :love: you still got the wit
    2. marred
      The book signing may have been a non-event for Morrissey but it wasn't for me. He certainly did a good job of not looking pissed off :)

      It also sounds like he was unaware of the Opera House ballot if he's criticising the ballot for the book signing.
    3. Anonymous
      sounds in good spirits. hope that means new album soon
    4. BrummieBoy
      Re: Now My Heart Is Fuller - TTY

      Usual nonsenses about The Usual Suspects:Harvest, X-Fcuktor. One assumes 'Kid's A Looker' will soon return to the set list. No mention of glacially slow Eventim Apollo sales but applause for credulous Australians feeding his narcissism at the trophy opera house and manufactured book store crowd chaos event. Topical rant about #CecilTheLion that ignores his Cheesetarian complicity in animal Torture/Slaughter for 33 years.

      Risible attempt to parlay the pizza-fed drones of The List as genuine fans ranking alongside 91/92's mild Morrissey Mania is bad enough, but to compare this ignored tour to Beatlemania shows he needs to put down the laughing gas inhaler.

      NB: Covert hat-tip to the lyrics of "Alfie" by Bacharach/David. "What's it all about...." The greatest song ever composed and a central plank of our Manifesto and projected public performances. One assumes that this has leaked via spies orbiting the Del Ray Rockets axis of influence who are attempting to monitor our rehearsals, trying to glean info on #VegAnarchyInTheUK to feed back to their friend Boz Boorer. *rollseyes*

      Expect the tiresome troll Morrissey to attempt to appropriate this song for himself, [as he tried to do with the #HilariouslyObviousButlinsSinatra canon] despite never having mentioned it for 33 years. Too late, as our views on this song are already a matter of Public Record. "BrummieBoy"'s animal companion is called "Alfie". They have merged consciousness. And it is this song which has saved the planet. Etc.

      Presumably intended as a spoiler, but only another#epicFAIL! Morrissey, you dumb Manc fat fcuk. Your attempted spoiler is now just an appropriate teaser. Like an irritating gnat he hovers, hoping against hope that he can avoid Judgement Day. Too late, Morrissey. You were offered Vegan Boot Camp, you chose insolent Revisionism so you will reap the whirlwind as will Lydon. 1976-2016. Bogarts. Barbarellas.The shy bald Buddhist from Birmingham bided his time, living the dream of Family and Friends in The Shire whilst monitoring the clownish antics of the supposed #PunkRockRebels Lydon and Morrissey. We have seen Patti Smith perform 'Horses' in Dublin and that opened a portal back to the Birmingham Odeon gig.....but....enough for now....all will be revealed on 9/ year....oh, and don't expect any media blitz, interviews, concessions to any of the apparatus of manufactured 'star maker machinery behind the popular song'. Isn't going to happen.... deliberate slow-burn..."Music Can Be Local and Social without ever needing to become Corporate and Global" By the time Herd Culture becomes aware of us we will have left the planet. If our AntiStar strategies begin to fail and the crazed hordes of cultic 'fans' appear we will turn the Noise Terror up to 11 on our amps. Only deranged people want to become famous. We are not deranged and will not make that mistake...

      best wishes

      The Angelic Host
      currently hosting
      The Holy Ghost of "BrummieBoy"
      [who lies in his crypt with his little Westie asleep on his chest
      awaiting resurrection on 9/11 as The Annointed One. ]

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    5. Anonymous
      Nice to to see his thanks to the lawnmower parts who make it possible and nice to hear is still planning on performing at the NOT ANIMAL FRIENDLY F Y F FESTIVAL !

      What a crank !

    6. AztecCamera
      Who is Morrissey going to support from the democratic party..... Hillbilly?

      Why doesn't he run for US president? If he finally pops the question to Nancy and marries her, he will be a US citizen. That Irish Blood Catholic thing goes a long way in US politics.
    7. VivaGil
      I'm always amused by the fact that Morrissey ranks his shows. I'm sad the one show I went to was on the list now and what a great one it was. Looking forward to the two shows in San Diego. Maybe then he'll notice us or at very least have a surprise in store for us. Although that may be asking much.
    8. Staar_seed
      even though I was only fortunate to make it to one show this tour that one show (San jose) was proof that Morrissey is a living legend and we should be completely honored to live in the same lifetime as such an important artist. Just going and standing in line for hours before the show is an experience in itself because I would never do that for any other band or artist, hanging out with like minded people and just knowing Morrissey is near is exciting. I wish him all the best and hope he stays in good health. Cheers to all you real fans out there...
    9. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      "He lives inside his own skin, which is surely punishment enough." A great line.
    10. Anonymous
      Love this one "... my heart records everything ..."
    11. Pokey
      Re: Now My Heart Is Fuller - TTY

      Fixed that for you
    12. Ryan

      Could even pass as a lyric.
    13. Anonymous
      agreed. there were a couple of good lines in there i thought
    14. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Yeah, we remember your post about it. In fact, most of us have only just recently come off the Metforim.
    15. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      "I rashly imagine it is partly public support in response to World peace is none of your business being axed in its prime by Steve Barnett - that cheap model of Humpty Dumpty whose Harvest/Capitol label can offer the world absolutely nothing in place of World peace is none of your business."

      I'd be interested to discover how much Harvest invested in that dreadful nonsense and who lost their job because of it.
    16. Anonymous
      Is that really the best photo he could find of Mr Tobias? Christ almighty, look at the gurn on that! :(
    17. Found Found Found
      Found Found Found
      "Why are we back in the glory days of 1991/92? Why now?"

      Surprised to hear the Mozzer utter these words especially the year 1991. Until now it has seemed that 1991 was a time that he must have wanted to put out of his mind. I was there in 1991 and I am now "too old to remember" but I can assure you there has never been another solo tour that even came close especially with that original band lineup. All of the songs were sped up rockabilly style and the movement and energy were limitless. I have watched this tour from afar on the internet and I can tell you the nice moments were seeing the way the timeless classics "Will Never Marry" and "Yes I am Blind" were performed. And the biggest surprise at the end hearing a couple acappella lines from "The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye". If there were ever a chance that Morrissey might ever bring back any song from the Kill Uncle album I think that time is soon approaching but I will still not hold my breath. 1991 was a musical high that I will never forget.
    18. Anonymous

      translation: im having to gig without respite because i am broke.
    19. Jeffrey7777
      I'm so happy! For the man who "Carries his heart in his hand." He's happy "Do you understand?"

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