Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency representation - tru

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19 August 2011


Morrissey has no connection with the site called Morrisseysworld.blogspot. Whoever is on this site/page claiming to be Morrissey is certainly NOT Morrissey. Please be warned. Thank you.

Ten US dates for Morrissey will be announced this coming Monday. All dates will take place in November. Morrissey is now represented in the US by William Morris Agency.

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This site is basically dead now. has more debate, more news, a fantastic essay about Mor and now a 4000 word novel exctract. All there is here is moaning about the blog, criticism of Mor and pointless anonymous stuff. Get a grip people before this site gives up the ghost.


I agree, this place is dead in the water, a place for scum.
Moz hates it, it's a joke.

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