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By Cowshed on Aug 19, 2011 at 1:57 PM
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    Morrissey has no connection with the site called Morrisseysworld.blogspot. Whoever is on this site/page claiming to be Morrissey is certainly NOT Morrissey. Please be warned. Thank you.

    Ten US dates for Morrissey will be announced this coming Monday. All dates will take place in November. Morrissey is now represented in the US by William Morris Agency.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Cowshed, Aug 19, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r

      Manners? You Irish nationalist do not even know what manners are! People from Northern Ireland told you what they want and you still posted your garbage here. Did they not write enough newspaper articles or books about it so that you could link them with an author's name?
    2. Anonymous
      This is quite an amusing response on Morrissey's favourite website - the so-low place.

      Why on Earth would Morrissey bother denying it's his blog for the second time in 3 months if he really did have nothing to do with the blog? I'm sure he's having a good laugh at the rather less than intelligent so-lowers.

      The evidence is now so overwhelming that even an idiot can see he clearly has SOME connection to it. Let's review the evidence:

      Morrissey pledges to 'strip to the waist' at the London Palladium and subsequently does so, having not stripped at all on the tour at the time of writing - presumed retired. Prior to him taking off his shirt people on this site were saying, "maybe if he does take it off I'll believe it." When he did, still they did not believe.

      2 The night before the palladium show, he said "nobody believes I am me. What more do I have to do? We shall see at the Palladium." He then opened his show with the same words Justin Bieber uses to open his shows! This just days after posting an extensive review of Justin Bieber's live DVD here:

      3 Even a Guardian journalist picked up on the obvious clues here and asked, "is it him?"

      4 Morrissey published a beautifully-written letter here:

      In it he writes in his 'ironic blog' style after paragraphs of unmistakeably flowing prose: "The so-lowers are indeed right c*nts, as I observe on my quasi-anonymous blog. My laughter echoes with every pontification over its authorship. So many questions would elucidate the authorship of the blog - if only they had the wit to pose the right questions. That they do not see the game is intentional. They do not realise the inelegant use of mesmerise rather than the Oxford mesmerize is quite intentional, that the absurdly bloated narcissism is ironically-intended, that my denial I was the author of the blog when nobody had even heard of it was a clue! - IN DUE COURSE THE AUTHORSHIP WILL BE PROVEN - and what of the so-lowers, then?"

      On 13 Aug he wrote: and a "US tour to plan."

      Yet another coincidence.

      5 The day immediately prior to Morrissey's announcement, Morrisseysworld posted an article
      obviously ironic in style stating the 'financial viability of his US tour is under threat.'

      Amazing. Anyone with a few working brain cells can now see he's at least in on the joke if indeed it is not actually his site.

      And to cap it all off he's denied for a second time he's the author, which - as someone obviously smarter than most of you noted earlier on - actually makes his denial seem rather suspicious! The idiots who say, "ah, see - I told you it was not him" are quite obviously insane! This changes nothing - he had already denied he was the author in May. This only makes it seem like a rather amusing rum joke!!!!

      And please notice in his announcement, in which he links the US tour and a comment about Morrisseysworld - not a single criticism of the site or any suggestion of a wish for it to be taken down and no cease and desist order!

      Anyone with a working brain is now very suspicious indeed! And I know that's not many of you.

      My thoughts? He's drawing attention to the blog because he finds it amusing and possibly to draw attention to the prediction it has made repeatedly of a US tour. Also I wonder if he will end up wearing the winning t-shirt from the poll on the site. He says "evidence will mount in due course."

      I'm quite sure when he wears his Justin Bieber or The Cure t-shirt, and subsequently writes a third denial that he is the author, most of the troubled souls on so-low will sigh: "see, I told you - it's definitely NOT him!"

      When he wears his ironic t-shirt, will you finally get the joke? I doubt it.

      The site is incredible witty and ironic. It's no surprise, therefore, to see the humour flies right over the heads of the inmates of what Morrissey calls 'the so low place.'

      I have been the site's number one advocate, not because I believe it's definitely Morrissey but because I believe it's one of the funniest comedy sites on the web. After this latest announcement, I am beginning to think it really is Morrissey's site.
    3. Anonymous
      Because idiots like you persist in claiming the blog really is written by Morrissey, and have been doing so on a practically daily basis for the last few weeks.

      It's not exactly rocket science.
    4. Road Hog
      Road Hog
      try addressing the points above, you lemming. When he first issued a denial the site wasnt even linked anywhere and nobody knew about it. Morrissey was the one who publicized it. Now he's denied it a second time and again without criticising it. I suppose all of the above points are pure coincidence eh? And when he wears the winning t shirt from the poll, that will be another coincidence eh?
    5. Road Hog
      Road Hog
      in fact the very morning of the true to you announcement, 'Morrissey' on the site actually posted an article referring directly to his 'ironic t shirt tour.'
    6. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r

      What you're doing is counterproductive. The more often and more insistently you tell people that Morrissey is responsible for writing this blog, the less people will actually believe that it's his. The more you try to publicise it, the clearer it becomes that it is, in fact, your own creation.

      It's funny that you're putting so much time and effort into the exercise, though.
    7. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r

      Your posts here are reasonably annoying but on your blog you just made me giggle as I scanned it. Once you are here, may I ask you what Russell Brand did with his penis in the bikini picture?
    8. Anonymous
      i love how if anyone mentions the blog is it automatically their own.

      the blog is an amusing thing and well written. It has made a few predictions that happened to come true. My money is on it not being morrissey but i bet morrissey knows the author. It[s the only explanation for the series of ridiculous cincidences that you[re all too blind to acknowedge

      those who say it is deinifitely not morrisseys then how do they explain all the coincidences? they dont. which kinda lets their cred down.
    9. Anonymous
      oh yeah the latest thing is its gotta e road hog because road hog says it's good and might or might not be morrisey. and he wrote down the supposed coincidences. Yeah real smart there. lol
    10. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r

      Oh dear, Road Hog. Posting anonymously and making a few grammatical 'errors' isn't enough to disguise that the only person to "mention" the blog is you. You've not simply "mentioned" it, though; you've gone on and on and on and on and on about it. As I said above: it's counterproductive. With each post you make, you connect yourself to the blog as its author. Less is more.
    11. starless
      If Morrissey ever had a blog, it would feature a polished looking and stylish design, without the ugly and sloppy photoshopped images with crappy typefaces. And it would be a standalone website, not some free template blog service.

      People who even entertain the idea that this might be Morrissey, obviously don't know much about him and his taste.
    12. Anonymous
      I predict it won't be long before 'I'm not the fake blog author, honest guv' Road Hog joins David T on the banned list. :)
    13. Anonymous
      does anyone think that that jasmine girl be at any of the shows??
    14. Anonymous
      Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r

      She'll definitely be there.
    15. Uncleskinny
      Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r

      You would say that, because you write it.
    16. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r

      only if she gets an invite.
    17. goinghome
      Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r

      Fantastic, the leaps of association people make.
    18. Anonymous
      Morrissey clearly reads it and loves keeping everyone guessing but it's OBVIOUSLY not him. When M collapsed in Swindon there was an entry posted LATER THAT unless he was 'blogging' whilst in hospital I'd think it was pretty obvious it's not Morrissey. Surprise surprise the entry is no longer on there. Banjaxer and Morrisseysmum from Twitter are the author of this blog and he is also Road Hog here too.
    19. Anonymous
      for what it's worth i don't think the site is by morrissey but he clearly does read it.
    20. Anonymous
      let me clarify my comments. First of all, I'd like to begin by saying I must also be road hog, like roughly half the people who have posted on this segment because I also agree with him that Morrissey probably has some connection to the blog ie he reads it. That's it. Morrissey has twice denied he is the author of the blog and so from my point of view that means he isn't. But the coincidences outlined above are not invented. If you go back and read through them, these things really did happen. Some of it could really be coincidence but I'd say a few things like the subtle reference to my world etc is probably morrissey's idea of an in-joke. the re-starting of shirts being chucked is probably the same thing. Morrissey knows what he's doing.

      Morrissey is a millionaire. If he wanted the blog down, it would be down. A lot of you are quite naive. There are lots of ways to skin a cat if you have money. The fact is the blog isn't down and Morrissey continues to pour free publicity over it. That speaks volumes. As to the blog itself, it's fantastic. A professional BBC/guardian writer seems to agree too, as she said it was a very amusing parody and for what it's worth it seems from his actions that Morrissey agrees too. A few of the obsessives on this site don't agree but then this site isn't exactly noted for the brilliance of its minds or the technical skill of its contributors!

      Why not stop squabbling over whether the site is Morrissey's? It isn't. But Morrissey reads and probably likes it. He might even know the author. And just enjoy the site for what it is - a really good parody site and one of the best morrissey sites around.

      I'd also like to add I know one of the moderators on this site and some of the posts above about road hog are put there by one of the moderators using an anonymous ID. You know who you are, and so do I. I've just emailed david about it.

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