Article: Telegraph - Morrissey fans – it's not 1985 anymore. Daniel Jackson.

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    "Morrissey fans – why are you throwing yourself at this sweaty old guy? It's not 1985 any more" is the full title.
    Daniel Jackson is described as a firebrand libertarian...

    'In researching this piece I've done a terrifying thing. I spent 20 minutes looking at the pages of Morrissey fan forums. Some of his most dedicated followers were asking as recently as last year if he might possibly be gay. I think that should tell you everything you need to know about these people and their grip on reality.'
    gave me a chuckle :)
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  2. Anonymous

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    Haha, this guy is ridiculous, "fat old man"? Moz looks more sexy (not that it matters btw) than many guys 20 years younger. Just by looking at the profile pic of the so called journalist I can sense his anger. He's a geeky Richie Rich nobody who needs a slap in the face. Looks more like a slimy PA than somebody with a backbone. Calling him a "Slum kid" ? What a spoiled brat.
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    Oct 6, 2008
    A dreadful, pointless article by a telegraph journo who seems to be a massive twat - who'd have thunk it? :rolleyes:

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