Article on one of Johnny Marr's events in today's Guardian


It's all good

By the way, Marr is on BBC Radio 4 shortly discussing his Inheritance Tracks, Will post link once it's available. His two tracks are inherited: Walk Right Back by the Everly Brothers; to pass on: Slow Emotion Replay by The The.

*EDIT* - you can hear the broadcast here...
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We know this because you started a thread about it

And by the way, there is a thread where one can post ANY Johnny Marr related media related to his book

Do you sit by the the f***ing computer waiting for me to post so you can rush in and diss whatever the content is, you tiresome shit? And you can go f*** yourself telling me where to post stuff. f***ing hell, WHAT a life. Imagine. A dripping tongue hanging out at the opportunities.
More here.........apparently he REALLY hates cucumbers :lbf:
Further evidence of cucumber hatred here:

OK, serious question, did The Smiths ever play at CBGBs or simply visit it?

hates cumbers? well now we know why the Smiths broke up ! Patti Smith played there but not the Smiths, though in Autobiography Morrissey visited before the Smiths started and wrote (if I remember correctly) that he met Russell Mael outside the club,though I don't remember him mentioning if he saw a show while he was there.

sure this has been posted already, pretty funny... 'drank the blood of a groupie' :lbf:

it must be exciting to hear johnny talk about working on the score for spider man 2 live in person
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