Article: HMV exclusive limited gold vinyl pressings of "Viva Hate","Your Arsenal" and "Vauxhall & I"

UPDATE June 8:

Morran sends the link:

Viva Hate, Your Arsenal, and Vauxhall And I: Limited-edition vinyl pressings to be available in the UK on 20 June -

UPDATE June 7:

Uncleskinny posted the image (link to tweet by @hmvtweets from Roberto Ferdenzi):


In an article from the NME today, HMV is repressing "Viva Hate," "Your Arsenal," and "Vauxhall & I" on Gold Vinyl. Each record is limited to 500 copies, and will be available at HMV stores around the country on June 20.

Full article here!

Morrissey, Nirvana, Royal Blood exclusive vinyl pressings to be sold at HMV -
Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, Joni Mitchell and The Charlatans records to also be issued on limited-edition vinyl

Morran also sends the tweet:

#LoveVinyl -

hmv exclusive vinyl
The exclusives will be available to buy in-store only on the 20th June. Please note these are exclusive LPs and stock will be extremely limited. It will be first come first served on the day, while stocks last. One per customer. No reservations.
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I just got mine from a kind person in UK, she got them from HMV Loughborough, unsure of whether to open the shrink wrap ? any opinions ?

I wouldn't risk it. What if you open it up and find there's a Rolf Harris album inside, or something equally shuddersome? Better to live in ignorance. Put it in a darkened room, and never look at it again.

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