Article: Daily Star - Morrissey and Victoria Wood; "Victoria Wood's Nice Cup Of Tea" to air (Apr. 10

UPDATE Apr. 11 7:30PM PT:

MORRIZSEY posted a link to the video on YouTube:


This doesn't seem to be on the Daily Star website yet so I've scanned it:


MORRIZSEY posted (original post):

"Victoria Wood's Nice Cup Of Tea"... April 10th & 11th

There's a preview which is not yet playable, but presume it will be in the next few days.

No mention of Morrissey's involvement other than the initial conclusions a few months ago

An anonymous person also posted (original post):

Moz appears in episode 2
The comedienne concludes her two-part history of tea closer to home, with visits to Woburn Abbey, Blackpool and Harrogate. Along the way, she enjoys a cuppa or two with fellow comic Graham Norton and Doctor Who star Matt Smith, and also pops across the Atlantic to New York - home of the teabag - where singer Morrissey is putting the kettle on.

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