Morrissey Central "ARI BOULOGNE, RIP" (May 23, 2023)



the son of Nico and Alain Delon dies, aged 60.


How you can just let a body decompose in front of you is beyond my imagining.
According to reports in the media she told police she had been away travelling with her son and returned home to find Ari dead. That would only add to the potential charge of neglect, however, since it seems Ari was unable to look after himself and needed daily care. It's an incredibly sad story.
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I'm almost grateful that the guy on duty on M Coroner feels compelled to inform us of EVERY death, as without him I'd think Tina Turner is still rocking on high heels. Not that I haven't heard her much since " private dancer", but hey.
However, I've never heard of that dude.
And yes, I'm Serbian.

I mean, I understand why the death of a "son of" would speak to a "nephew of'... But isn't there a death that concerns Smiths fans more these days?

That MC guy needs a break from Mortuary Central. His basking in relaying obscure sordid deaths is his own freaky little hobby anyway. Does Solo need to follow?

M himself pays less attention and would rather go golfing I'm sure.
Okay, he listens to " simply the best!" on a daily basis in his sports car like old g!ts do, but really that's no reason.

I doubt M is "dying" because of Tina Turner.
All sotts of other things, yes, T.T, no.

Boy that's one Corny Coroner...
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