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we at The Quietus thought you might be interested in this vintage profile of The Smiths and Morrissey from back in the day - 1984 to be precise.

"GAY MEN PAVED pop's way this year. With Boy George's wardrobe fully open, all the closet cases came spilling forth: Burns and The Bronskis, Frankie and NRG.

The subtlest victory was Morrissey's – his the least fairy-tale, the least gaudily exhibitionist. Maybe its because he conjured a ghost from all our pasts: the outsider, the Weird One, the pariah you put at full-back so you didn't catch his leprosy. When Morrissey refused to play "festive f*****", he was appealing to something fundamentally more lonely in us. He was making the outsider a star.

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