Apropos of M's comments re. Kevin Spacey

It's really hard to argue when people won't even state what they're trying to imply but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the fact this man dropped his lawsuit is supposed to mean that Kevin Spacey did nothing wrong, and that somehow this means that Morrissey's comments about a different person are now validated?
The thing is this happens a lot. That guy wanted money. He probably got it. Whether he deserved whatever he got for Kevin Spacey doing whatever he allegedly did is something that we can only speculate, which is a good thing for Kevin Spacey because if the man had been awarded a payment in court then Kevin Spacey would have been found guilty, at least in a civil trial, and that is something he has managed to avoid so far. So a payment was probably made.
An alternate possibility is that Kevin Spacey's investigators dug up some dirt on this guy. A couple of weeks ago they had asked for the man's phone for some reason. Can you imagine turning your phone over to someone you're suing? The phone records had already been entered into evidence but Spacey's team were saying they thought there was info that was being withheld.
So imagine now they have an investigator cloning the drive on the phone and getting every bit of information that was ever on it including deleted files, photos, etc. There might be some things that would be embarrassing but would have nothing to do with this trial. In addition they'd have contacts and be able to investigate, at least background checks, on all this guy's associates. Who knows what they might have found?
A third possibility is that this man was lying, and that he lied to his girlfriend and that his mother was also lying. Maybe Kevin Spacey never touched him.
Of the three possibilities, three has some problems in that there are several ongoing cases against Spacey for the same thing and that some well known people with nothing to gain from this have talked about Spacey's behavior on the sets of films and television shows going back years if not decades. The film "The Usual Suspects" was shut down for a few days because of some behavior of Spacey's but no one has said exactly what, only that it's related to the charges.
A lot of people think it's not that big of a deal and aside from him being accused of raping a boy and attempting to molest another one, you could go along with that. This happened to men for the most part. A lot of times it was men who Spacey had some kind of power over, being a bigger star. Sometimes they were just people that worked on the set and weren't actors at all.
Some people do just want money, but if Keven Spacey stuck his hand down your pants and you have enough of a case to get some money for it I don't see the problem whether you were traumatized or not. Some people were because they didn't know how to react and let it go, and then later they felt like they couldn't defend themselves. To some people it wouldn't be a big deal but you can't decide that for the person it happened to.
And one thing that seems misunderstood is that this is not flirting or making a pass. It is an aggressive move and it's meant to show dominance. "I can do this to you and you can't do anything about it." You don't just put your hand down someone's pants while you're sitting chatting in a bar and you don't grab a coworker on the set of a film. It's not flirting. It's an assault. When it happens you're shocked by it and a lot of people just don't react.

Morrissey's comments were blaming someone that was 14 at the time it happened, blaming their parents, after Spacey carefully won their trust over weeks, and blaming the boy for not knowing that attending a party meant opening yourself up to being molested by an adult. He should have said nothing until he knew the facts and every time one of his fans brings it up now, as it to say that he was right, they do him no favors. Rather than argue about what he said maybe it would be better to talk about the music or really anything else. You can't win in defending his string of statements about things he seems to be uninformed on. It's best to let it go.
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