Apoligizing for my behaviour in the past

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    Sorry about going beserk on your message board a while back, it's just that for some reason you guys decided to mock Joy Division, one of my all-time favorites, And I went overboard. As it happens, the message board that you guys tried to ruin, Atmosphere, has become a wretched hive of scum and villany, and I stopped contributing to it as of last Thursday. I apoligize for any ill will I caused, I probably won't become a regular here, but I will refrain from clogging up this board with senseless (albeit clever and humorous) digs against your man Mozza. I happen to love the Smiths, and enjoy all kinds of music really. It's just that I got caught up in a 'board war' and said some things I shouldn't have. I was out of line, and I hope you, the regulars, will be able to find me absolved of any past infractions I took
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    How Morrissey celebrates Chinese New Year

    1. He starts by challenging anyone to a kung fu battle in Manchester's Chinatown.

    2. He drinks some tea and eats a fortune cookie.

    3. He puts Boz in a Chinese Water Torture by having band members continually urinating on his forehead.

    4. He calls every Chinese person in his phone book and laughs when they answer in broken-English.

    5. Finally, he participates in the dragon dance by providing vocals in Mandirin.

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