Anyone received their Houston tickets yet?

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.....the only reason I wonder is that I got a notice the day I bought them (last Wed) that they had shipped, but a week later I haven't seen them.

Normally I wouldn't be concerned (Ticketmaster, for example, takes a couple weeks usually) but this is my first time using Subwire, the official ticketing service used by the White Oak Music Hall.


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I haven't received mine yet either. And there was no option for print-at-home.


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I was thinking the same thing. I received an email stating they were shipped the following day and haven't seen em.

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Hmmmmm.... I guess we give it a week or two and then raise a red flag with them!


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Normally I do but I wasn't given that option as far as I can remember during the pre-sale.
I got my Houston ticket during the regular on-sale date and did get the e-ticket option- I didn't realize it was different for the presale. I hope you get your ticket soon.

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I just sent in a question to Stubwire customer service. Will report back.

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Well that's good to hear. Suspect mine will as well today or Tuesday, then.
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