anyone know where to find these planners?

my girlfriend made me a bunch of morrissey related gifts - pillow, shirt, Late Night Maudlin St box, etc first my birthday

i want to find this planner for her. she has one, but it's almost full - and she swears it's perfect

it's called the Alife B6 Weekly planner
i've found their website, but can't find where to buy it. is a Japanese store, but I can't read Japanese, and I've clicked on most of the links, but I can't figure it out!!

can someone help me?

oye terence

ampersand after ampersand
i've looked all around

This might be my last resort

i need to find at least one
haha i know i am an asshole.:D

hmm,i am am sure you googled the brand name and everything? i would take another gander at her old one if you could and just look and see if there is any info on the inside or something.


Hideous trait.
You could PM Kewpie and ask for her assistance. I did see an email address on that site, you could try it.

I totally get why you're going to the trouble, there are few things in life as satisfying as the perfect planner.
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