Anyone know DM pre-sale codes?


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I want Red Rocks, CO tix and pre-sale started yesterday. Signed up for announcements on the DM site today, since they won't post the codes in their forums, but don't know how long it will take to get the code. I know there are DM fans here.


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I was so going to go to this tour, but now I had to concede it'd be too much.

How come only the higher seats are available now? For Madison Square Garden a three hundred level seat is $75, and all but the very back are sold out for the Toronto one. For a floor seat I'd re-think about it, but otherwise... >.<

Plus train tickets to either place is $220 for two two-way tickets. Making it out to be nearly $200 a person. :tears: My sister and I will just have to but a live DVD and put on Violator.
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