anyone got DOLL AND THE KICKS cd

Anyone got this they wouldn't mind uploading?
I found a radio session on the net, but that's all - I've ordered the CD through their myspace but they're away for a bit aren't they!!! I'd love to hear it today!!!

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I have just discovered DATK. I saw them in Hull last week but because I was close to a speaker they were too loud and I didn't enjoy them much. However, after listening to some of the studio tracks, I think they are fabulous!

Anyway, I was just wondering if someone could please upload their album. I know its probably not the right thing to do but I just have to get it!! I'm definately going to buy it when I get some cash but until then I'm stuck with Myspace rips.

Would really appreciate a download! :)



Jeff Buckley Is God
I've not.

Also, DATK have done their own version of Paris, which was played before they came on in Manchester, if anyone has it...


Jeff Buckley Is God
Well, i don't even know the name of their album, or a list of the tracks, so for now it's good enough for me
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