Anyone else think Lady Gaga is some bullshit?

Seriously, eff this girl. Sorry if it's all been said and done before I showed up here, and I'm sure it has been, but dammit, I feel like venting my disgust.

Try to do something other than putting your favorite 80's freak-artists, gay cultural references/pandering, and the occasional nod to Crust Punk culture that dopey MUTULHEDZ seem so impressed by in a blender, swallowing them up and puking them out before scraping it all up to put on your head for a hat... I don't care if you're a nice person. I loathe your music and your aesthetic enough to not care about that. You're BORING!!!

You're nothing but a marketing machine. What's even worse is people seem to be fooled by this and eat it up... It's completely absurd.

end rant. :o

not going to argue with any of that.

she's fugly, too. Can't see what all the fuss is about

Sal Kramer

Hmmm, don't like her much, do you Ray? I don't see what all the fuss is, either. Give her another 6 months or so, & she'll be back to obscurity. Acts like her seldom last long.
fair enough.

BTW, I don't think she's "hot shit" in any sense of the world, but her not looking like a supermodel is the least of what bugs me about her/hr popularity.

I'm just getting sick of people assuming I must like the bitch because I'm a fag... and I was grumpy when I posted that... I had a nap. Now I am just drunk. Expect more rambling later tonigh. :)


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It bugs me when shite like Lady Gaga and Justin Beaverhead sell millions of records when acts like Doll and the Kicks couldn't get a record deal.
She's like the Scissor Sisters, or Mika, or any of the other gay-friendly acts who have come along in recent years. People soon get bored and move on.

Lady Gaga... what kind of name is that anyway? That's like me buying a Sanyo keyboard, bashing away at it randomly for 4 minutes while rapping a song composed from a single word from each page of a dictionary in an Amy Winehouse-esque voice and calling myself "Mister Mental". Not forgetting the beef-burger covering my genitals. (A quarter-pounder, mind you...)

Anyway, she'll be old news by April. So who cares, eh?


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Not that anyone should care about my opinion, but I think she's an interesting artist and her first album demonstrated a real talent for writing catchy hooks. I guess being a commercial success, it's not suprising that she gets up peoples noses but for me the bottom line is the music and she has written some pretty good tunes. In addition she obviously works pretty hard as her concerts and videos attest.
Finally I'd bet that she is not a flash in the pan and will go on for quite a few years.


Oh well...enough said
Lady Gaga : makes me vomit!
Cheers Moz


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She's taking Madonna's blueprint and making it work for her. I dunno, I think she's pretty talented and she seems really cool (at least she was on the Howard Stern interview). My parents saw her on the Today Show and they liked her (so that's saying something).
to all of you saying "who cares and "so what":

I care, that's what

she's a fake studio-contrived pseudo-diva who, as Skylarker so aptly put it, is weird for the sake of being weird. That's not art or music or relevance; it's mediocrity in big, bold capital letters

she sells millions of records and songs while true musical icons like the namesake of these forums can't get a decent record deal to save their lives.

doesn't that irritate you, even just a little bit?

She wears meat dresses and machine gun bras and gets ferried to award shows inside of a f***ing egg, as a distraction from her irrelevant studio-sheened nonsense
I'm sure you guys can expect me to pick on plenty more people in the future!

Off topic: Digital downloads ain't worth shit to me, FWIW. Information should be free. And information is all a download really is. I've always believed this. It is my pseudo-philosophy that when I buy records and CD's and books, it's for the security/luxury of owning, retaining and controlling the information in a safe, secure way which can be retrieved at my discretion and controlled in terms of quality duplication for personal use, however illegal that may be (that, and having cool giant LP artwork, which is the same thing, only instead we're applying the principal to visuals instead of audio).

That is to say, you cannot put a price on something as intangible as art, ideas, and information, only the raw materials used in manufacturing physical containers of information--paper, plastic, polyvinyl chlorate--that allow you to hold it in your hands for the sake of those aforementioned luxuries/conveniences, and which are actually able to be calculated in terms of monetary value.

Back on topic: BONO'S A c***!


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She can sing. She can play piano. She can write songs. She has talent.

She'll be around for a helluva lot longer than you think. You don't have 15 odd hit songs in 5 years for no reason.
Do I think she's reinventing pop or any of that stuff? Not at all, at all. I think she's a good pop star and I like her melodies. I think she's easily dismissed. She works incredibly hard, always sings live when she's performing and so on. I think she deserves respect, but I don't think she's as flawless as some of her proponents may think.


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I'm sorry but I just can't resist re-posting this picture....

As Moz has already pointed out, she stole the "meat dress" idea from Linder Sterling. She's a good singer and she can play piano, but her material is 90% forgettable club-music guff. Both her sound and image are mish-mashes taken from better and earlier artists.
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