Anyone considering selling there signed YOR LP?

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Me too!! I really want one badly. If anyone going to an upcoming show would like to make this Happy Boy even happier by picking up one of the signed vinyl offerings for him, he would be forever grateful. Message me and I will get the money to you before the show, and of course pay for the shipping to Connecticut. Anyone at all?:tears:


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Apparently, they weren't for sale at the Ann Arbor show either, I had pre-warned my mate who was going so that he had a fistful of dollars to buy me a copy, but all to no avail :-(


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im considering it, though i doubt my massive debt is enough to get rid of it in reality. I do have #1 from the show in st. louis though.


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wow - $205 - I think they are $50 from the shows - if you are lucky enough to get one :)



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you should look up a thread in tour forum.
Link please dear? Im no good with computers and have bad eyes.

Can someone give me some details had a look, found nothing.

When did this start? How much? Where do they sell them? WHY WHY WHY
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