Anyone Buy/Listen to the New Billy Bragg?


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Just found out he released a new album, and it received a pleasantly positive review in The Guardian. I thought he was all finished. So, this comes as great news for me.

It isn't due to be released in the States for awhile, can any of our UK friends enlighten us. Is it as good as the review claims?




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It isn't out until Monday...I've ordered mine from an email yesterday saying it has been I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow.

I've bought the 2 cd version. First one os the proper album with his band. Second one is the same songs but just Billy and his guitar.

There are some of the tracks available to listen to on his website

Elsewhere in this section I uploaded all of his Peel Sessions - take a look and enjoy.


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I got the new 2cd version of the album today (Cd's are released on Friday over here).- I had a brief listen to the "band" version this evening - it seems overall to be a more balanced album than "England Half English" (I'm looking at you "Dreadbelly!".

I heard a couple of the songs previously in Vicar Street about 2 years ago . Best tunes on first listen for me were "I keep faith" and "M for Me".

Good on ya Bill!

By the way, i wasn't able to download Billy's "Peel Sessions" due to still being ina technical backwater with a "Dial-up" connection - (Ireland isn't renowned for it's broadband coverage).

If anyone could transfer them to CD-R for me, I'd be happy to do a good old fashioned CD-R trade . (I have plenty of Bragg shows & shows from other artists to trade)


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