Anybody in California who saw The Smiths live?


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I'm producing a podcast, a series of interviews with people who saw The Smiths in the 1980's (how you first heard about them, what the show were like, did you jump on stage, take any pictures, etc.?)

As a 30 year old, my first Moz show wasn't until 2004. I think it'd be really interesting for a lot of younger people to hear these stories.

I'm located in Southern California. I'm willing to travel a bit, but hoping there are fellow Southern Californians who saw The Smiths in the 80's.

Anybody out there? Thanks all!


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People from CA are only on this site during CA shows because they don't need to pray and hope that Steve comes to their backwards country or town every 3-20 years living vicariously through this board with delusional fantasies because they see Steve in his every day life like at potato taco Tuesday at The Sunset Marquis, the Calabasas Costco, the Orange Julius at the Glendale Galleria, the Beverly Center, getting coffee at Caffe Luxxe, The Wiltern, LAX, SFO, ...etc
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