Anybody Here Single And Genuinely Fantasize About Moz?

If so, two words: get out more.

Okay, three words.

Nobody over the age of 14 should be fantasizing about alliances and severe dalliances (spot the Moz book title semantics) with unreachable stars. Though I do admit this sad shit is what keeps the current mainstream 'entertainment' industry 'alive', if you can call it that...
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If we were to use him as a marital aid, would that be any less pathetic? Or maybe more pathetic?

I await your judgment.


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FANTASIZE???? But... in my mind it was so real... :tears:


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Oh god yes I f***ing have!Especially if I am in bed with someone who happens to be incredibly dull! ;)


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Me and 'im went shopping the other day. I pushed the trolley, he was riding in the front and he kept snaching was all real I tells ya!:p


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I can't think of anyone better to genuinely fantasize about :horny:

Any suggestions Bill Poster? :D


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I'm only 16 and have been single my whole life :( So I'm allowed to fantasize about him.
btw, I had a dream about him yesterday... it was so nice!:)
it involved swimming pools
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