Anybody ever see that savage review of a Morrissey concert in Musician mag. in '92?

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Denim Delinquent

It was written by Bill Flanagan who was the editor-in-chief of the magazine at the time and it was vile. It was for the Madison Square Garden show on that tour.

Hey FWD, is there a way for me to upload a picture of this review directly to this site without being a member? And if I can't do it, is there a way for me to email it to you so that you could post it? Thanks.

Famous when dead

This one?
"... strange, the wimpy kids stood on their chairs and pumped their fists in the air and screamed and the wimpy singer ripped off his shirt. All the people who usually mock the big hairy-chested rock show had a big hairy-chested rock show of their own. It was touching. Like the Special Olympics...”

The easiest way is to upload to an image hosting site and post the link in your reply.
If not working, pop the image/images in a zip and upload to and post the url it gives you - I can add the images to your OP then.
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